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Elliot Ruff
Elliot Ruff,
Category: Dermatology
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I think I have Pityriasis rosea but it seems to be getting

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Hi, I think I have Pityriasis rosea but it seems to be getting worse. When does it stop spreading and how can I be sure it’s not ringworm?

Good evening, thank you for contacting us this evening.

I am sorry to see that you have this rash - how long have you had this? and have you tried anything for it so far?

Customer: replied 4 days ago.
Yeah first cloi..... something from the advice of a chemist then Daktarin for only three days because I saw it getting worse.
Customer: replied 4 days ago.
I have had it for about 2 weeks

Thanks, ***** ***** did it first start, and to which areas has it spread to?

Customer: replied 4 days ago.
It started on my hip, it spread to my stomach and a little on the chest, it’s going down my legs and I have some on each arm, it’s also a lot on my back.

Okay thank you. So it does appear a little like Pityriasis Rosea. This is self limiting but can last up to 6 weeks. The mainstay management of this is a regular emollient/moisturiser, a topical steroid for itchy areas and also a oral antihistamine.

Customer: replied 4 days ago.
Does it just keep getting worse? Is there anything I can do to stop it spreading on me any more?
Customer: replied 4 days ago.
Is it contagious to other people?

Not necessarily, I would however use an oral antihistamine regularly for a week or two.

If you think it is spreading more or becoming more intense, there is a possibility of a infection which may require antibiotics.

Please have a look at this link to read more into it.

Customer: replied 4 days ago.
Ok and I’d have to get a prescription for that?
Customer: replied 4 days ago.
Do you think I should of continued using the Daktarin?

For the antihistamine you can get this without a prescription. The antibiotic would however require a prescription.

If you use the Daktarin and you feel it is improving the rash then please continue if for a few weeks, if not, I would stop this.

Customer: replied 4 days ago.
Can I give it to other people?

No, this is not contagious.

Customer: replied 4 days ago.
How can I be sure it’s not ringworm?

Ringworm looks different to this and does not tend to be a widespread. Daktarin would also be a treatment for ring worm.

Customer: replied 4 days ago.
Sorry for all the questions

Please do not worry. This is how this works.

Customer: replied 4 days ago.
I just want to make sure it’s not ringworm

No worries, why not use Clotrimazole on some of it for a few days and see if it improves. This is another treatment for ringworm.

Customer: replied 4 days ago.
That’s the cream I used first for about a week

Okay, I think this excludes that this is ring worm.

Customer: replied 4 days ago.
Ok thanks for your help

That is my pleasure. I hope this all settles for you soon.

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