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Blood Test report

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Blood Test report
Customer: replied 19 days ago.
File attached (1L36P22)

Hi, thanks for getting in touch. Could you tell me a little more about what you'd like to discuss? Thanks

Customer: replied 19 days ago.
Can you tell me is this PCR test report?
Customer: replied 19 days ago.
Am i infected by Hepatitis B
Customer: replied 19 days ago.
Do I need treatment or further test?

These results suggest that you've previously had hepatitis B and that you now have immunity. It doesn't mean treatment is needed but you do need to get a confirmatory test (this test is from a travel clinic is that right?) by your GP. They should then refer you to see a specialist in infectious diseases who can go through things with you. Most of the time no treatment is needed except for watching you and seeing if you develop symptoms with a yearly review that's all.

Customer: replied 19 days ago.
Actually I done the test at NHS and also at the travel clinic they take sample and sent to Lab for testing
Customer: replied 19 days ago.
I forwarded this results to NHS they also doing the same test only. They were saying am free from Hep B ? Is it true doctor?

I see. This result suggests the infection was in the past and that there is no current infection yes. It's still worth being under the care of a specialist to do a yearly check up on you though.

Customer: replied 19 days ago.
Do I have to take Hep B vaccine or booster doctor? Is this PCR test?

This is because sometimes, not always, the hepatitis can 'reactivate' and in those cases, treatment is needed. Otherwise no treatment is needed at all. Simply ask your GP to refer you to an ID (infectious disease) specialist to see you in outpatients.

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Customer: replied 19 days ago.
ok doctor

I hope that helps and you feel better. All the very best for the future.

Customer: replied 19 days ago.
Thank you doctor Am still nervous? Am i infected by hep b or not doctor?