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Esca123, N.Y. Photographer
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I have a canon eos 550d and using the canon efs 18-55 lens

Customer Question

I have a canon eos 550d and using the canon efs 18-55 lens and the efs 55-250
I am plagued with increasing (in time) blurred images seen on enlargement I have tried all the usual fixes ie shutter speed, depth of field and using iso 100 with the image stabiliser on or off to no avail. My memory card is a sandisk extreme 16gb all the above were purchased on29/10/2010.
I belong to photographic club and unable to show my images because of the poor quality.
Please can you advise. Thank you

Phillip Pickstock
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Digital Cameras
Expert:  Esca123 replied 4 years ago.

Hi Phillip,

Thank you for question! My name is XXXXX XXXXX I will assist you to get you pictures sharp.

The main concern here is to set to your shutter speed and ISO and use the best possible camera hand-holding technique you can in such a way that you always avoid blur.

The shutter speed: There is an accepted rule of thumb that your shutter speed should be at least equivalent to 1 divided the focal length of the lens. For instance if your focal length is 150 (Set or fixed), you should use 1/150 as the minimum shutter speed. To get a good exposure set your mode dial at S (Shutter Priority)
The ISO setting: You may need to raise your ISO if your pictures are coming out too dark, assuming that your aperture is at the widest. Warning: Too high an ISO may bring noise to the picture.
Now with the Image Stabilization feature you have an advantage. If you have IS and set it on, it will help you gain an additional edge to "freeze" the image. Calculate that the use of IS may allow you to slow down your shutter about two stops and perhaps avoid having to increase your ISO. In other words, if you would normally need to use 1/200 sec. you could go to 1/50 and still be sharp. This may be needed when you're struggling with insufficient available light and you are opened up at the widest.

I hope my explanation was clear enough. Please let me know it there is something that needs clarification.

I you are happy with my post, please consider asking for me the next time.

The best to you.