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Category: Digital Cameras
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I have a Canon MV400 there is a shape like a rectangle with

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I have a Canon MV400 there is a shape like a rectangle with a hammer going through it permanently flashing red, what is it, it's driving me mad

nathan_mills :

Full Size Image

nathan_mills :

Does the spot you are talking about resemble this?

Customer: Absolutely nothing like, it is small the shape of a rectangle with what looks like a hammer going through the rectangle it's red and it flashes all the time but does not show on the film just on the screen. Without a magnifying glass it's similar to tha play station sign.
nathan_mills :

The red sign that you are talking about is for the backup battery. It is blinking that means that the backup battery which holds the date and time needs to be replaced. It is a button type battery. Check you manual. There is a section for " Replacing Backup Battery". Go to that section and you will get where it is located and steps on how to replace it.

nathan_mills :

Revert back if you need further assistance. Please rate the solution with a positive rating if your problem gets solved.

Customer: The camera doesn't have a back up lithium battery it's a cassette I tape on, no section in booklet.
nathan_mills :

The manual of cannon MV400 can be downloaded from this link and on page 95 you can find the respective section.

Customer: Thank you so much I have looked at this book many many times and never noticed that, I kept looking for the symbol.
Customer: When I get home I will sort it out and if it works you wil get an excellent.
nathan_mills :

Take your time. I hope this will solve your problem. If you reply I will get notified.

Customer: Fantastic it works
nathan_mills :

Glad to hear that. Please rate the solution positively.

nathan_mills :

Regards Nathan.

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