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Readyrmca, Technician
Category: Digital Cameras
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I have a Fujifilm 6x optical Zoom camera.. Fine Pix 4900Zoom. require

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I have a Fujifilm 6x optical Zoom camera.. Fine Pix 4900Zoom.

require a battery also a Manual for the camera

Readyrmca :

Hi, my name is XXXXX XXXXX it would be my pleasure to help with your issue today.


Good I require help to find a manual and a battery for the camera

Readyrmca :

First, lets get you a manual for your camera. I'm going to post a link here for you to a PDF copy of the manual. You can save it to your computer or print it out for your reference. Here's the link. CLICK HERE

Readyrmca :

Now for your battery. The biggest hurdle to cross here is to make sure that you get a genuine Fuji battery for your camera. There are a lot of places that sell cheap Chinese made knock offs of digital camera batteries. While most of these work just fine, there is very little quality control at the factories where they are produced and they can be downright dangerous if something goes wrong. With cameras that have been out of production for a long time, sometimes there's no other choice but to go with a battery made by a third party, but give me just a minute and I'll check for you and try to find you a good deal on hopefully a genuine Fuji battery.

Readyrmca :

Here's a link to the battery that you need at Amazon UK. CLICK HERE

Readyrmca :

If you would like a cheaper option, there are a couple more at the bottom of that page, but they aren't genuine Fuji batteries. Just make sure if you go with the cheaper option that you check the sellers returns policy in case something goes wrong or the third party battery doesn't work as advertised.

Readyrmca :

Hope this helps. Let me know if there's anything else that I can do to assist you. Please don't forget to click accept and leave a positive rating for me. Thanks and have a wonderful afternoon!!!

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