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Hi,I am trying to take action shots for our local hockey team

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Hi,I am trying to take action shots for our local hockey team with my SX50HS camera but in sports mode and using a support stand I still have difficulty in obtaining non blurred images,can you help with suggestions as to what settings I should be using.I would add that I amature as for as photography goes

Hi. My name's XXXXX XXXXX I'll try and help you today.

Keep in mind, when shooting any action photography, you need to maintain a fast shutter speed. This is best done by using the camera in the "S", or, shutter speed priority mode set to 125 or faster. You will probably need to use a higher ISO to achieve the right exposure but this should get you clear shots. Just remember, the faster the shutter speed, the better the stop-action.

Also, you may want to note that the camera has a built in image stabilization mode. This helps with camera vibration on telephoto shots. Make sure it is on and functioning properly.
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