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My Finepix S20 Pro will playback, but as soon as its switched

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My Finepix S20 Pro will playback, but as soon as it's switched to Photography, it powers down in between 5 - 10 seconds - new 256 Mb card, fresh batteries (& both work well in S5000). Is this curable?

I am Himadri...

What you are describe indicate that the problem seems to be with your camera lens...

Please look carefully between the lens and the camera body for any sand, dirt or any damaged etc.Try turning the camera with the lens facing down and shake to dislodge anything stuck and try removing batteries and memory card, wait 5 minutes and refit the battery only and let me know the result...
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Turned it facing down, lens extended, shook gently, gently brushed round housing with lens-brush: nothing in the way of sand or dirt. Removed batteries & card; replaced batteries, switched on Playback (usual screen, beeps, etc.); switched to Photography, screen blacked out, powered down within 10 secs, leaving lens extended (even when switched off). Turn on to Playback... screen alive, 'no card' message, red light turned to green, powered down and lens retracted! This looks like progress!

You can try using a piece of paper to get the sand particles out. Use the paper between the inner and the outer lens and on the outside of the outer lens. Don't insert the paper too deep, you could accidentally dislodge some of the components. We recommend you don't go in more than 1cm and let me know the result...
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Carefully wiggled a piece of 80gsm paper in and around, nothing came out. Although I do now get a screen when in Photography mode, the screen does not show an inage, only a wavering, purplish faint image, with a slow shutter-speed (handshake warning).

Unfortunately what you have described indicates that there is a problem with the ccd (the light sensitive chip that produces the image)or the connection to it that's why you are facing this type of problem.

Is your camera under warranty ?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

No, warranty long expired, I'm afraid.

Then please don't send your camera to service center because the repairing cost is too high almost a new camera price. So if you buy a new camera then it is a good idea for you....I apologize for this inconvenience.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Sigh! 'Fleabay' as parts, then!

Many thanks.


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