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Category: Digital Cameras
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when I put dv tape into my canon MV800 it almost immediately

Customer Question

when I put dv tape into my canon MV800 it almost immediately asks me to remove the tape. Can you please help me. Charles Mc Anenna
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Digital Cameras
Expert:  Wes replied 3 years ago.
Wes :

Before we begin, I would like to make sure you understand that Just Answer is not affiliated with any service provider or manufacturer and we do not have control over their systems. Our ability to fix issues like this are therefore very limited and I ask that you take that into consideration before leaving a negative rating. Also keep in mind that some product-related problems are not "fixable" and the appropriate answer may include directing you to an authorized service center for your product. If you reached our site by mistake, or if I am not able to help you, you can request a refund at or by e-mailing***@******.***

Wes :

The message you are seeing is usually indicative of a problem with one of the tape sensors in the unit... meaning the sensor needs to be replaced. Unfortunately it's not typically something an end user can fix so the best course of action would be to bring the unit into a repair shop.

Wes :

I realize this may not have been the outcome you are looking for, but if the information I have provided is useful to you, please click on a smiley face. If you are not satisfied, please do not rate, you can request a refund by visiting this page: or you can e-mail***@******.***