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Russell H.
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Lens TS24 mm - how does one adjust the tightness of the friction

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Lens TS24 mm - how does one adjust the tightness of the friction movement on both tilt and shift? Is it a combination of adjusting the the centre screw and the ring next to it (the one with the 2 small blind holes) and then re tightening?
, thank you . I will do my best to provide the right answer to your question.

I need to ask, is it the lens Scout TS24 camera like this one:

that you are trying to adjust?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
No, it's a Canon Tilt/Shift 24mm lens which is sloppy loose when the lock nut is undone.
I need to adjust the friction of the sliding parts on both tilt and shift and suspect it's done on the adjust movement screws which have a centre simple screw which has round it a circular collar with 2 blind holes in the front face of it at opposite sides, and then finally the knurled movement nut on the outside.
If it works this link give you a photo:-
I've checked Canon site and all the usual blogs to no avail.
That sounds sensible - try tightening the adjust movement screw, only a set amount like 1/2 turn or 1/4 turn, after trying the movement. See if there is any change in the friction o fthe moving parts, and if there is none, try another turn tighter of that amount, and test the movement/friction again. (If at that point there is still no change, you are adjusting something else, and should reverse the turns if at all possible.)
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.
OK, but if it's that simple why does Canon not give this info at all in any form! Surely it's not there way of trying to cover themselves against claims or to make some money by having use send them in £125 maintanance deal?