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Rusty, Customer Service
Category: Digital Cameras
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I have a Canon G12 camera. I previously used the Image Browser

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I have a Canon G12 camera. I previously used the Image Browser software on my earlier computer, but I have recently upgraded to a Mac book pro OS X 10.9.5 which I downloaded with the software from the original disc. I transferred all my folders from 2011 onwards onto the new computer. I now find that the programme crashes if I try to 'save' an edited image.
I have tried to find a software update on line, but can't find one which is compatible with OS X 10.9.5
Phil Butler
Hello, my name is Rusty. 10.9 isn't the best software, because its release was premature in reference to drivers. That means your camera isn't compatible with the new release.
There is a work around. Here is a card reader that plugs into your USB port, so you can transfer your pictures.
Let me know if you have any questions.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

My camera works ok with the computer on iphoto, the ready installed mac software. It just doesn't give the same detailed info on each image.

My files of the last 4 years are all on Canon Image Browser.

Having a gizmo to add more photos would not really help, as Image Browser now can't handle simple edits, copying and saving, with the several thousand pics already there. It just keeps crashing, or losing edit info and reverting to the original image. Also turns image number to gobbledegook.

If there is no way of updating Image Browser I will simply have to use other software. iphoto will do for now.

Well you got lucky. Don't rate poor service online, it's how we survive. Anything less than 5 stars is bad. Next time, just ask for more help. We're here to help.
There is an updated ImageBrowser, and you can download it from Australia. It only takes a minute, here is the link:
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi Rusty,

Well, I downloaded that, but it hasn't helped. When I plug in my camera, which should initiate the CameraWindow part of the software, a box appears with "The camera has been disconnected. The software will now close" There's an OK box, if I click that the whole thing disappears. If I switch off the camera, then switch it on, it says "CameraWindow is already running. Start Aborted" Clicking OK to that brings me back to the previous one. So I can't download images into Image Browser using CameraWindow.

Trying to save an edited image already in Image Browser causes one of three responses. 1. Software quits. 2. Image is saved but the image number becomes 'jumble of symbols.jpg'. The symbols are not on the keyboard, so I can't replicate that. 3. Or it works as normal. I haven't discerned a pattern in this. It seems to be random.

Thanks for your help so far, sorry about the rating before, I wasn't understanding how this service works.


Ok, did you first remove your old version of Image Browser?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

No. Should I have?

If so, would I need to store the files on a usb stick first?

I've no idea how I would remove the old version.

Absolutely, you need to remove it before installing a new version. That likely explains why it's causing errors.
All you have to do is drag the icon to the trash to delete the program.
It would be a good idea to copy your pictures to disc first, but not the program.
Once you delete the program, install the new version at this link:
(Mind you I had to grab that from Australia) Tell me how it works.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

OK, I deleted the old program and installed the new. It seems to have found some of the images, though not all. But I did save everything first so no worries. I very much preferred the original version of Image Browser to this one, but it seems to work, in a more limited way than the old version. Camera window still doesn't work though, so I still can't download pics from my camera.

You sure can. Plug your camera into your USB port. Use Finder to find your camera, and you will be able to open it like you would a USB storage device. From there, you will see the DCIM folder where your pictures are stored. Drag those to your pictures, and they will copy over.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Sorry, but all that tells me is that the 'CameraWindow' part of the software has not downloaded. Previously, all I had to do was plug in the camera and CameraWindow would engage automatically, one click would transfer all images that hadn't been transferred before and the Image Browser software would then come on. As I've already said, the new version of image browser is not an improvement, in most aspects it is inferior to iphoto, which does work fine with my camera. I don't think I want to start 'manually' entering my camera and dragging stuff into the now inferior image browser. I'm now thinking of ditching Image Browser altogether and loading all my files in iphoto instead.

Sorry for the delay in replying, but this is not my full time job (if it was I'd be better at it!) and I don't always have time to explore the limits & potential of the new programme.

No, go to Finder. Look at your camera like it's a flash drive. You don't need software, just locate it in Finder, and copy the pictures from the DCIM folder. Don't over complicate it, it will work just like a flash drive.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I tried that, but the camera does not appear anywhere.

I have now used my back up files on usb stick to load all previous files onto iphoto which is already on the macbook. It's not as good as the original ImageBrowser, but it's better than ImageBrowser EX, and it works, and I can transfer new photos from my camera (easily).

What's a flash drive anyway?

A flash drive is a USB stick. The technology is called "flash" memory, which is used in the usb stick.
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