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Russell H.
Russell H., Technician
Category: Digital Cameras
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Experience:  Working with digital cameras & questions for nearly 8 years.
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Pixma pro 9000 printer. Over-all greenish tinge to prints.

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Pixma pro 9000 printer. Over-all greenish tinge to prints.
Hi, thank you for contacting My name is Russell. I will do my best to provide the right answer to your question.

Please tell me whether the green tinge is on photograph printouts, or on everything.

Please also let me know what programs you have tried printing photos from, as yet, that have shown the green tinge. If those programs are all Adobe products, then be warned: many Adobe programs, such as Photoshop and others, have difficult and elaborate color rendering controls that can tinge printouts of photographs.

Please also tell me what computer you have: an Apple computer, or a Windows PC ?

Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Green tinge is on photos and photo-copied articles but normal black and white documents are fine. I use Adobe Photo Elements (currently 13) but have been doing so for years now and producing perfect prints. This just a recent problem.

I have a PC running Windows.


To make sure the problem is *not* in the printer, nor in the printer's driver in Windows, please go to
Start - Programs - Accessories - Paint
and load a photo you have printed recently with a greenish tinge, into Paint, by
File - Open
then send it to print with
File - Print
and see if it comes out less greenish, or in normal colors, or greenish tinged, or what.

Please let me know the result of that test, and I will advise you further.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.


I'm just about to be a bloody nuisance. I did two prints using 'Paint' as you suggested and it does look as if there is no green tinge. BUT the colour is not right and a nozzle check shows that neither the p-magenta nor the p-cyan cartridges are working. Cleaning has not helped. The check pattern is blank for both colours. I already used my spare cartridges in previous attempts to fix the problem and will have to order and wait for a new set.

Can I leave this on hold for a couple of days and get back to you?

Thanks for your assistance so far and a thousand apologies.

James O'Hagan.

Don't worry about that.

By all means, let's let the case wait for a bit.

Once you have the cartridges, though, I have a suggestion:

I think you should try a certain cleaning procedure that I have found effective...

In outline:
1. Clean the printhead.
2. Wait 1/2 hour to several hours or overnight, leaving the printer On but unused (no print jobs, etc.)
This allows waste ink to soak into the printhead and hopefully dissolve dried ink etc.
3. Clean the printhead a second time.
4. Wait again (as in step 2 above) for 1/2 hr. to several hrs., printer On but unused.
5. Clean the printhead a third time.
Then test whether cyan and magenta ink is showing up at all in prints at this point. If it is, even faintly, then repeating this procedure will (eventually, at the cost of a certain amount of ink wasted in the process) clear up the clogged printhead.

After that fails, if it does fail, what you need to do is to decide whether replacing the printhead (which will cost something considerable, more than you would think usually) is better, given the printer's age, or whether it would be more preferable for you to replace the printer altogether with a new one (and hopefully recycle the old printer, always a good idea.)

So try the triple-cleaning-with-wait-times that I recommended, and get back to me if it doesn't work for you (so I can advise you further...)... or if it does help (- I always like to hear that something I recommended has worked!)
Russell H. and other Digital Cameras Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Hello Russell,

I received a new lot of ink cartridges on Tuesday since when I've tried your triple cleaning advice. First time I left the printer on overnight for the first run then gave it the two subsequent cleans. Result - no photo cyan nor photo magenta streaks in black and other colours seemed very pale.

With nothing to lose I tried again and this time got a decent test print-out. I've now done a couple of full colour prints which seem to be fine. I won't be sure until I've seen them in daylight but it does look as if the problem is solved.

I imagine I'm going to have to buy a new printer sooner rather then later but the machine is three years old so I suppose that is to be expected. Meanwhile, thank you very much for your assistance (and patience). The advice for cleaning the print head may be of considerable value in the future.

James O'Hagan.

I hope the procedure and advice about thriple cleaning of printhead is indeed of use in the future, to you.

Three years is a reasonable, if not long, lifetime for an inkjet-type printer.

Good luck with your new printer, whenever you get one, and thank you for the positive rating. Please feel welcome to return at any time to ask another question, in any one of our numerous categories, here at