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Russell H.
Russell H., Technician
Category: Digital Cameras
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Problem with Canon Camera Connect app & my Canon S110 not being

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Problem with Canon Camera Connect app & my Canon S110 not being able to add geo tag info to images on the camera. Having recorded the logging info, I can connect the camera to my iPhone ok but I can't send the location info back to camera as the camera is 'stuck' in the mode where it is asking to select and send the current image back to the iPhone. Incidentally the image will happily send to my iPhone but that is not what I want. Everytime I try and press a button on the app a message comes up saying 'This function cannot be used with the camera's current settings. It's driving me mad! Perhaps I'm missing something?
Hi, thank you for contacting My name is***** will do my best to provide the right answer to your question. I suspect that you cannot add geo-tag information because the camera is not connected to a data source for geo-tagging. Being connected to the iPhone may not be enough - your Canon S110 should be connected to the geo-tagging source itself. Also, try have the camera Off when you connect it to the iPhone. Something to do with the mode could be the problem - try having the camera is Review Images mode instead, when connecting it to the iPhone, also. Also try a different cable for the connection to the iPhone, and use an old toothbrush (a cleaned, and then dried one, not moistened) to scrub out inside the jack on the camera before connecting the cable.How old is the S110 camera? in months or years since you bought it.Has the camera been dropped or otherwise subjected to mechanical shock(s) in its lifetime?Has the camera been operated in or subjected to, temperatures below 32 degrees F (freezing point) or above about 100 degrees F ?Has it ever been subjected to a humidity higher than 85 % or gotten wet ?Has the camera been operated in a gritty or sandy environment, such as a beach, a seaside, a construction site, or the like?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

I don't think you really understand my question as your answer - even though you might need more information - is miles away from my solving my problem. Let's leave it like that.

However thanks for your time and for trying.

I'd like to try again. If that's OK. Or if you'd prefer another Expert's approach, I'll Opt Out, and that way another Expert may take it up, who has something closer to the answer you need.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Hi Russell,

Thanks for your answer but I'm going away on holiday tomorrow with very limited email access and don't have any more time to try and figure out what's wrong before I go. I ended up speaking to Canon direct this afternoon and they couldn't figure it out either so I'm actually going to give up and live with the problem.

Thanks anyway.

OK. Before going, please rate my best Answer - favorably I hope - if my work was worth anything to you and/or to the problem. Thank you for bringing your question here to
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