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I have a canon CRDGi retinal camera system currently with a

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I have a canon CRDGi retinal camera system currently with a Canon 20D camera body on the unit. I wish to either stay with the 20D or change to a 40D camera which needs to link with an external bespoke MS Access 10 database management system which will store the images with the appropriate database reference ID No along with the date and time stamp of the photo for historical viewing and comparison of previous images for the same database ID no. The operating system will be on Windows 7
Hi there and welcomeCan you clarify please how exactly you would like to be assisted. I see a description of a total solution, but what part of the solution are you look for assistance with, and with his part, what specifically do you need to be done? eg: advise on a camera? development of a database? Assistance on designing database?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
The database is currently being re written and the developer isn't sure of the best way on how to proceed. The existing system has a link file which connects to another software package which manages the storage. We need to be incontrol of this from now on because of future evelopments . Is it possible to utilise Canon software for image viewing and storage whilst marking each photo with the database ID ?
You can do 2 things here1) You can store the actual image in Access within an OLE Object field, so the image itself is stored within Access and then when you open it you tell the computer to use the default program as the Canon software to view the image. But canons software just views, it does not store.2) You can set a link in Access in a text field, so its a hyper link to the image. this would like to this other software you have and as long as you tell the computer to use the canon software to view the image, it will open in the software as this is determined by the computer. The best way to set this on windows 7 is via Start, default Programs then set the image file types to open with the canon software.Click here for detailed instructions on setting the default programIs this the information you were looking for? Happy to clarify or expand on any points.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
will the image need to be in a specific format jpeg , raw etc and how could you fiew and compare previous images?
It can be any format you wish. Viewing and comparing images is down to the logic programmed in access, the developer would develop a query to return all images based on a common denominator and then have them displayed in seperate windows to compare. All possible when your programmer sets it up for this.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
thank you for your help so far I'll have to discontinue this conversation due to time constraints this morning, how can I get back to you if I require fure help ?
could you also direct me on how I can confirm that this initial communication and payment has not initiated any further or future payments as I have not selected any standing order or direct debit instructions to this site and do not wish to do so preferring to pay on request for future information.
many thanks
Thanks, ***** ***** return to this question at any time and post a message as the question never closes.It is a one time payment unless you sign up for the monthly subscription, but then you actually need to sign up for that.If you need anything else, let me knowAnd please remember to rate my service for now, via one of the stars at the top of the screen the submit so I am credited.Thank youRichard
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