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Dr. Dan M.
Dr. Dan M., Dog Veterinarian
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My West Highland Terrier dog age 14 has an open lump close

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My West Highland Terrier dog age 14 has an open lump close to his anus its the size of a five pence piece and has an unusual smell. it also bleeds small amounts normally after he has emptied his bowels. I've noticed the lump over the last three weeks and have been cleaning it with antiseptic wipes he is showing no pain or discomfort.It appears to me to look like a cyst although there is no apparent pain? Could you please give me some advise kind Regards Milanda
Hi Milanda,

I am sorry Elliot has this problem. There are a few different causes to this problem but I am pretty confident it is a ruptured anal gland abscess.

These are relatively common and develop following impaction and infection of the anal (scent) glands just inside the rectum. Once infected and if unable to drain they increase in size and often rupture through the skin of the perineum around the bottom. They are usually painful once growing but once they rupture the discomfort settles.

The smell and discharge will be a combination of pus, anal gland secretion and pus, so it is usually pretty smelly.

The reason it is not healing is most likely due to continual overwhelming infection that Elliot cannot sort out himself. So it is going to be necessary to take him to your vets to get some antibiotics, antibiotics that penetrate this area are vital and clindamycin (antirobe) is a commonly used one. Once the antibiotics start taking effect then the wound will clean up and heal. Continue bathing with saline, a teaspoon of salt in a pint of water should be the correct concentration.

There are other more serious causes of masses around the anus so it is important to get him checked to confirm the diagnosis of an anal gland abscess.

Good luck and I hope he is OK


Dan Makin
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