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gpvet, Dog Veterinarian
Category: Dog
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Experience:  I am a general practice vet dealing with all kinds of companion animals and small exotics for the last 13 years
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my dog has been sick yesterday, he has a runny eye shivering

Customer Question

my dog has been sick yesterday, he has a runny eye shivering and wont eat
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Dog
Expert:  gpvet replied 5 years ago.
Hi there

Hopefully I can help a little, but first I need a little more information.

You say Alfie was sick yesterday - did he vomit and if so how many times?

Is he still being sick today?

Does he have any diarrhoea?

When was the last time he ate or drank?

How long has his eye been runny?

Has he been coughing or sneezing?

Is he quieter than normal? Does he want to go for a walk or just sit /lie around at home?

If you can let me know some of these answers we might be able to get to the bottom of what is going on and what we can do about it.


Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Hiya he was sick twice yesterday it was bile he hasnt been sick since.He had a bit of diarrhea yesterday, this morning he had a drink he ate yesterday but not his usual amount he hasnt eaten today. He woke up this morning with a runny eye, He hasnt been coughing or sneezing, he has got progressivly quieter as the day has gone on he is very lathargic and unsettled.

Expert:  gpvet replied 5 years ago.
OK, that gives me something to go on.

Obviously he has had or currently still has a bit of a tummy bug with the vomiting and dairrhoea. It doesn't sound like he has lost enough fluid yet to make him dehydrated, but obviously if he doesn't start to eat or drink soon he will become so.

It is not unusual to get runny eyes when an animal is generally a bit poorly. If the discharge is clear rather than yellowish and he is not squinting with the eye at the moment, I would not worry about it excessively.

I am more concerned by the fact that Alfie seems to be getting quieter rather than improving. He may be running a temperature that is making him feel bad. For this reason I would suggest getting him in to see a vet in the morning to be checked over.

In the meantime, continue to try and persuade him to take fluids - if you have a syringe you can try trickling the water into his mouth with it. A quick test of hydration is to pick up his skin on his scruff just behind his shoulder blades - if you pull it up and let go it should sink straight back down. If it sinks slowly or stays tented then he is quite dehydrated and should may be seen as an emergency tonight.
Also - check his gum colour on the inside of his lips. If it is a nice pink colour all is well, if it becomes pale or brick red again he should be seen more urgently.

If he is unsettled, you may find there is more diarrhoea to come -sometimes they have tummy ache when they need to go, so make sure he can get out if he needs to. Sometimes they settle down again after going to the toilet.

Don't worry about trying to get food into him tonight - 48 hours without food won't do too much harm.

If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to ask.