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We have a new puppy who is 9 weeks old and have had him for

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We have a new puppy who is 9 weeks old and have had him for a week, at night he sleeps in a cage which we close due to him not being house trained, during the night he poos his cage, also he wakes early and cries for a long period. We have tried to ignore him but it is too upsetting. Are we doing wrong by locking him in or should the door be left open/ If so, we know he will defecate/wee in the wrong place as he doesn't yet seem to represent pads with toilet training and prefers the carpet.
Hello I'm PawsDoc and I'd like to help.

Your experience is a very common to have. It can be difficult to potty train, and he is still very young. As far as the defecation in the cage goes- I would suggest first that this simply may take time to learn, but here are some suggestions to help him learn more quickly- if the cage is large he may defecate in a corner where he doesn;t have to sleep- if you shrik the cage size by adding a carboard box or wall he is less likely to poop where he will sleep. Secondly feed him dinner early by 6pm, then walk him after the meal then again right before bed and reward defecation or urination outside or on a pee pad.
As far as the crying in concerned this is also very difficult to endure but crate training is the right thing. Getting up reasonably early to allow hom to go to the bathroom and replacing him in his crate is also acceptible- but enduring the crying is necessary to crate train him. If you can place him fa enough away so the crying is more bearable or buy some ear plugs- he needs to be on your schedule to a degree. For now be patient and as he grows his ability to control his bm's and uring, and his whine will subside. stay strong and it will work out.

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