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gpvet, Dog Veterinarian
Category: Dog
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Experience:  I am a general practice vet dealing with all kinds of companion animals and small exotics for the last 13 years
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Hi. On holiday my small dog developed itching.I treatet her

Customer Question

Hi. On holiday my small dog developed itching.I treatet her with Fipronil (Bob Martin FleaClear spot on solution 67mg) as I have done over the last 14 months, forgot to apply last month's treatment though. We saw the vet next morning to have some advise on severe itching. He found a flea and told me Fipronil was ineffective and prescribed selamectin. I applied it 24 hours after Fipronil. About 48 hours later my dog was having uncontrollable jerky behind leg movements for about 20mins, and licking her lips. I took her to vet immediately. He said there would be no side effects from both chemicals used. I found it hard to believe that. What do you think? I would appreciate your advise on the matter. Which product would be completely safe to use for flea treatment in the future?
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Dog
Expert:  gpvet replied 4 years ago.

gpvet : Hi there
gpvet : I hope Mimi has returned to normal now?
gpvet : Personally I prefer to leave a little longer between applications of different spot on products, I usually recommend at least 48 hours and preferably a week. Saying that, fipronil and salamectin should not interact to cause any symptoms.
gpvet : Salamectin and related drugs can occasionally cause neurological issues, especially of ingested rather than absorbed topically, and collies and collie crosses are know to be sensitive to this class of drugs. However, it is again a little strange for the symptoms to appear as long as 48 hours after application. In addition, in the cases where I have seen side effects from this drug, it has never been a solitary 20 minute episode but either recurrent episodes or continuous symptoms for prolonged periods of time.
gpvet : In conclusion, I am tempted to agree with your vet that the incident was unrelated to the application of the flea products - with the caveat that all animals are different and you can never be 100% certain about these things.
gpvet : Of the two drugs you have used so far I would tend to go for the salamectin, as I do see fipronil being less effective than it was. No drug can be termed 100% safe, but the prescription medications are subject to rigorous testing and also continued monitoring if adverse events.
gpvet : There are a lot of effective flea products on the market, and if Mimi should happen to have a repeat episode after another application of salamectin then it is time to try an alternative. I quite like spinosad (Comfortis) as an alternative as it is a different class of drugs again.
gpvet : I hope oped this helps and feel free to ask additional questions
gpvet : Debbie