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Dr. Christian K.
Dr. Christian K., Dog Veterinarian
Category: Dog
Satisfied Customers: 10146
Experience:  12 years of veterinary experience in canine surgery, medicine and behavior
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My dog has just eaten a bowl of stew it had leeks sweet patato

Customer Question

My dog has just eaten a bowl of stew it had leeks sweet patato swede carrots beef should I be worried
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Dog
Expert:  Dr. Christian K. replied 4 years ago.

Dr. Christian K. :


Dr. Christian K. :

This is Dr. Christian.

Dr. Christian K. :

How long ago did she eat it?

Dr. Christian K. :

How much does she weigh?

Dr. Christian K. :

How much do you think she ate?

JACUSTOMER-xabddsh1- : She ate a full bowl she has just eaten it and weighs 10.5 kilos
Dr. Christian K. :

Okay. Thank you. The real danger is the leeks. They could cause some problems for her. The rich stew could also cause some diarrhea and an upset stomach. Give her one tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide to make her vomit and then repeat that 10 minutes later if needed.

Dr. Christian K. :

If she starts acting lethargic, won't eat, or starts having vomiting/diarrhea then have her seen by a veterinarian. If you get her to vomit the stew then she should be fine.

JACUSTOMER-xabddsh1- : I'm panicking here do I get stuff from to make her vomit
Dr. Christian K. :

Do you have hydrogen peroxide?

JACUSTOMER-xabddsh1- : What is it
Dr. Christian K. :

It's typically found in a pharmacy or at the market. It's used to clean wounds.

JACUSTOMER-xabddsh1- : I don't have any
Dr. Christian K. :

Were there a lot of leeks in the stew?

Dr. Christian K. :

A small amount of leeks shouldn't cause a problem

JACUSTOMER-xabddsh1- : One leak and it was a third of a batch
Dr. Christian K. :

Can you go to a pharmacy to get hydrogen peroxide/

Dr. Christian K. :


JACUSTOMER-xabddsh1- : No it's Sunday
Dr. Christian K. :

Do you have access to a veterinarian?

JACUSTOMER-xabddsh1- : How else can I make her sick
Dr. Christian K. :

There aren't any good options at home that you can do. You could try sticking a finger down her throat to make her vomit but that may not work and in some cases a dog will bite if you try that. You're best option to make her vomit would be to find a veterinarian that can give her medication to make her vomit.

JACUSTOMER-xabddsh1- : Should I be worried by amount of leek she has eaten
Dr. Christian K. :

I think it's unlikely that she got enough leek to cause a problem. It is less toxic than onions and garlic. It typically takes quite a bit to cause a problem for a dog her size. The more likely results would be that she gets an upset stomach from the rich stew. If making her vomit isn't possible then make sure she has access to plenty of water and avoid giving any food for about 12 hours. If she develops an upset stomach then try giving bland food for the next 24 hours in small amounts. White rice and boiled chicken breast are good bland options.

JACUSTOMER-xabddsh1- : What should I watch out for
Dr. Christian K. :

Vomiting, diarrhea, lethargy and lack of appetite would be the main symptoms to watch for. Pale gums would also be a symptom of leek toxicity.

JACUSTOMER-xabddsh1- : If there is toxicity how long does it take to present
Dr. Christian K. :

Typically within 24-48 hours for leek toxicity. Upset intestinal tract could occur with 4-12 hours.

JACUSTOMER-xabddsh1- : If leek toxicity is an issue what should I do
Dr. Christian K. :

There isn't anything you could do at home about leek toxicity. That would require a visit to the veterinarian.

Dr. Christian K. :

It causes anemia primarily.

Dr. Christian K. :

Some dogs require blood transfusion.

JACUSTOMER-xabddsh1- : Omg
Dr. Christian K. :

The onion family causes destruction of red blood cells causing the anemia. But again, keep in mind that it doesn't sound like she got enough leek, based on what you've told me, to cause a problem.

Dr. Christian K. :

However, it would be best to keep peroxide on hand from this point forward for situations like this.

Dr. Christian K. :

Did you have any more questions?

JACUSTOMER-xabddsh1- : She is running around with a ball at the moment
Dr. Christian K. :


Dr. Christian K. :

That's good.

JACUSTOMER-xabddsh1- : Thanks for your advise.
Dr. Christian K. :

You're welcome. Good luck. I hope everything turns out okay for Zara.

JACUSTOMER-xabddsh1- : She has not shown any signs of ill health
Dr. Christian K. :

That's great news. Keep an eye on her but I suspect she will be fine.

JACUSTOMER-xabddsh1- : She has woke up full of beans
JACUSTOMER-xabddsh1- : Hi Zara has been fine all day playing n being her usual self. He stools have been normal too
Dr. Christian K. :

That is great news. I'm glad she's doing so well.