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drgvetguy, Veterinarian
Category: Dog
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Experience:  23 years veterinary experience, 11 years practicing
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Hi I have an 10 week old female cockapoo and her stomach seems

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Hi I have an 10 week old female cockapoo and her stomach seems bloated! She has been lively all day but around an hour ago my son picked her up and she yelped and has been quiet since! Is this something to do with her stomach being bloated or maybe my son picked her up in an awkward position! She also has diarreah

ERvetguy :

Hello, my name isXXXXX and I would be more than happy to help you with Lady

ERvetguy :

Has she been vaccinated or dewormed?

Customer: No she is due the end of this week
Customer: For her injections
ERvetguy :

okay, sounds as if she has worms and potentially a parasite called coccidia

Customer: Wil she be ok or do I need to take her sooner? Think it's Friday he apt with vet
ERvetguy :

her feces should be checked

ERvetguy :

she should be okay but the sooner would be better especially if the diarrhea is severe, she is not eating as much or vomiting

ERvetguy :

if her abdomen is that bloated and she is uncomfortable then I would recommend to take her sooner of possbile

ERvetguy :


Customer: She is eating like normal but poo is a very light brown and a little watery
ERvetguy :

okay, if you can get in sooner that would be better, otherwise please seen your vet on Friday

ERvetguy :

they should give you a dewormer or two especially for coccidia and perform a fecal analysis

Customer: Okay thank you for your help will keep an eye on her through the night and try get an app tomorrow thank you again
ERvetguy :

that sounds like a great plan, you are welcome, please do not forget to rate my response on your way out

ERvetguy :

take care, I will check on you on Thursday and see how everything went!

Customer: :)
drgvetguy and other Dog Specialists are ready to help you
How is Lady doing? Did you get her to the vet and have a fecal test performed on her?

Keep me posted,

Dr. G