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Rebecca, Dog Veterinarian
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We have two Jugs, Female and male, the male is 15 months old

Customer Question

We have two Jugs, Female and male, the male is 15 months old and the female 7 months. We want to breed the pair, but obviously not yet, the female has come into heat. What can we do to stop the male from being attracted?
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Dog
Expert:  Rebecca replied 4 years ago.
I am sorry to hear about Dolly and your male. My name is Rebecca. I am a veterinarian, and will do my best to help.

As long as he can smell her, he will be attracted to her. Male dogs living with a female in heat will often stop eating, whine constantly, and try constantly to get to her. He can smell her up to a mile or more away, so just keeping them in separate room or kennels will not stop him. You really cannot stop what is natural to him.

I would not rely on nappy type garments to prevent his breeding her. I have seen female dog get pregnant wearing these, I have seen them get pregnant across a fence. When she is in the part of her cycle when she is most likely to get pregnant, usually the second week of three weeks of the cycle, she may figure out a way to get pregnant if they are not totally separated.

Most breeders keep their stud dogs in a kennel, often in another building, during the heat cycles of their females.

People in your situation that do not have a kennel often board one of the dogs at a boarding kennel until the heat is over.

There are hormone drugs that will stop her being in heat, but she may come back into heat at an unpredictable time: sometimes just a month later, sometimes not at all for a year or more. It is not recommended to use these hormones more than once or twice in a female dog's lifetime. You would need to get them from your veterinarian; they are not available over the counter.

I know all this is annoying, but if you want to breed her, you have to deal with the normal behavior of dogs that are not spayed and neutered. I fancied I wanted to breed my little Jack Russel years ago; her first time being in heat cured me completely! 7 dogs camped on my front door for three weeks, her dripping blood the whole time and trying to run away with all those dogs ( we lived in the country); I was done. She was spayed and that was the end of my "breeding" career.

Please let me know what else I can answer, or help with.