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Dr. Joey
Dr. Joey, Board Certified
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Dog has liver complaint, He is 13 years 4 months and a miniture

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Dog has liver complaint, He is 13 years 4 months and a miniture schnauzer.
We have been feeding him on fish and mash potatoe boiled as he has a diffaulty in keeping his food down.
This all started 2 weeks ago when we took him to a local vet for his annual injections, before witch he was in reasonable health, since he stopped eating, and vomited bile yellow.We took him back to the vets and they kept him in for tests and put him on a drip for 3 days. We picked him up and tried to settle him down to a routine of food scrabled eggs, and fish and mash potatoes and he seemed O.K. today he vomited up his fish and mash after his walk, [approx 45mins]. We have since tried scrabled egg which he has turned down.
When we walked him his phoo was yellow and quite soft.
Have you any suggestions please, we are thinking of trying him with small cuts of chicken and mash.

Dr. Joey :

Hello, I am Dr. Joey, a licensed veterinarian with over 15 years of experience here to help. I look forward to working with you.

Dr. Joey :

Does your vet know what is causing Bosun's liver issues? Was an ultrasound of the liver performed to look at the gall bladder and liver, and then an ultrasound-guided liver aspiration taken to try to get a diagnosis? Or was a diagnosis achieved via xray?

Dr. Joey :

What medication is he on right now for nausea (e.g., famotidine or Prilosec) and continued liver therapy/support (e.g., Sam-E, other nutritional supplements, antibiotics, etc)?

Dr. Joey :

If you are cooking for him, which is just wonderful, I do recommend follow a recipe as was balanced by a veterinarian nutritionist to ensure he is getting all he needs and it is properly protein balanced for a dog with liver issues. One book that has excellent recipes is Home-Prepared Dog & Cat Diets: the Healthful Alternative by Donald Strombeck (can order off Amazon).

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi Dr. Joey prognosis was severe liver disease he had an ultrasound,was given synulox 250mg antibiotics which he managed to keep down, however the destolit 150mg and doxion tabs he just vomited up, he is very delicate at the moment and the vet advised because he is an old dog his liver would not rejuvinate? The antibiotics are finished now.

After his first poo which is yellow he will strain to do more and it is like hot water, he is hydrating himself with water but has lost alot of weight

The poor guy! Our overall goal is for him to maintain comfort level and be eating. So, if he is eating well as you cook, then please continue. I do recommend check out the book I mentioned. It gives you a lot of options. In dogs with liver issues the biggest problem is not to protein overload then because the body has a tough time digesting and dealing with the protein, but of course balancing this with the fact dogs need protein. Complicated.

The Sam-E (s-adenosylmethionine)supplement would be really benefiticial to aid in preventing as much scarring in the liver as possible. You can always use a people supplement. I am not sure I saw that on the medications he was prescribed. You can ask your vet. Most of our dog-related Sam-E products are combined with silybin which has also been shown to really help the liver function. These are simply nutritional supplements and usually do not have any deleterious side effects.