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Dr. P
Dr. P, Dog Veterinarian
Category: Dog
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Experience:  11 years small animal private practice & emergency.
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Think my dogs licked carpet shampo shes getting distressed

Think my dogs licked carpet... Show More
Think my dogs licked carpet shampo she's getting distressed trying to pull at carpet and licking constantly please help
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Dr. P :

Hello and welcome to Just Answer

Dr. P :

can you tell me what the main ingr

Dr. P :

edient is in the cleaner?

Customer: Don't know highly inflammable solvent can kill it says.really going crazy licking and pulling trying to heave
Dr. P :

Ok. You need to flush out his mouth with lots of water. then you need to contact your vet. You cannot induce vomiting in a case where what the dog ate might burn. So your vet will most likely want to give some activated charcoal to counteract the cleaner

Customer: Highly inflammable don't know ingredient
Customer: She's trying to vomit herself
Dr. P :

if she does it herself that can't be stopped. but we won't purposely make them vomit in a case like this. If it burns going down it is going to burn coming up. These can cause mouth and throat ulcerations.

Dr. P :

She really needs some charcoal so I'd really recommend you get her to your vet to be safe

Customer: She's calmed a little panting pulling at carpet she's just having a good drink will she be ok
Dr. P :

like I said earlier charcoal and mouth flushing are key. Many times burns don't show up until the next day. It is good that she is calming down some. It may have just tasted really awful. You need to keep a really close eye on her and I would make a followup appointment with your vet

Customer: She's licking everywhere and panting but she's just had a good drink of water think she's calming a little.will she be ok
Dr. P :

I cannot guarantee that she will be ok. You really need to have your vet look at her and in her mouth and such. And I highly recommmend the charcoal

Dr. P :

If you don't have any further questions then I am going to step out of this chat so that I can help someone else in need.