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Doctor H
Doctor H, Veterinarian
Category: Dog
Satisfied Customers: 299
Experience:  5.5 years experience practicing small animal medicine in a large urban setting
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I sprayed baygon multi purpose spray tonight my dog is now

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I sprayed baygon multi purpose spray tonight my dog is now lethargic and with some movement issues is there anything I can do

Doctor H :

Hi, my name isXXXXX and I would be happy to assist you.

Doctor H :

Exactly when did you spray the baygon and where?

Customer: In the lounge area around 21:00 over a cloth to put over a laptop that has an infestation of ants
Doctor H :

Okay, did Iona get into the cloth?

Customer: No but the spray was still in the air she seems to have perked up a wee bit now but will keep an eye on her overnight
Doctor H :

Well, if you tell me more about Iona I may be able to give you some more guidance, if you wish.

Doctor H :

When exactly did she start acting lethargic?

Customer: Within about 20 minutes of the cloth being sprayed
Doctor H :

How did she act, exactly?

Customer: She had difficulty with her back legs she usually jumps up onto the couch but couldn't jump up this time
Doctor H :

Okay. Anything else?

Customer: She sneezed a few times and yelped when she did
Doctor H :

Okay, is she having any issues moving her back legs now?

Customer: No she appeared to be able to jump onto the setee now
Doctor H :

That's good. Is she a typical weight for a CKC or is she considered overweight? ;)

Customer: Very slightly over weight
Doctor H :


Doctor H :

And is she eating and drinking normally?

Customer: She doesn't get any more food till tomorrow but she seems to be drinking ok
Doctor H :


Doctor H :

Well honestly this seems more like a soft tissue muscle strain than a poison ingestion.

Doctor H :

Plus these kinds of insecticides really don't cause much harm if they're aerosolized.

Customer: Ok thankyou so much
Doctor H :

Good, do you have any other questions at this time?

Doctor H :

Oh, one more thing.

Customer: No thanks thanks for your help
Doctor H :

I would keep her quiet for the next few days. If she is suffering from a soft tissue injury she may re-aggravate it if she strains too soon.

Doctor H :

So just take it easy on her at home :)

Doctor H :

If you would be so kind, please rate my service so that I may receive credit for our conversation.

Doctor H :

Thanks and best of luck!

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