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Dr. Ann M.
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Hi. Im Christine and I have a gorgeous little girl border

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Hi. I'm Christine and I have a gorgeous little girl border collie, who is 14 weeks old. Since I got her (and before I got her) she has been eating her faeces. Her brother and sisters (she is one of six puppies) have been eating it since being weaned off mums milk. The owner told me this, so that I could eliminate it at home. I pick it up as soon as she does it, if I am there at the time. She is very clever in that she runs off and does it quickly, and immediately turns round and eats it before I get there. I am putting a crushed up pill in her food called Stool Repel-um, which she has been having for a week now, but so far she is still eating it. Outside in the garden it is picked up straight away because we are there, but in the morning, she has already done poo during the night, and some is missing! I have looked on line for other methods, and have found a product called Forbid powder or deter. Do you recommend this, as she is still very young and I don't want to hurt her, but I am getting very worried about this nasty habit. She is eating very well, but also very fast, and I give her proper puppy food from the vet. Please help!?
Hi there, Christine, and thank you for your question. My name is XXXXX XXXXX I am a licensed, internship-trained veterinarian with 9 years of experience in general medicine and emergency and critical care medicine and I would be happy to assist you.

This is a very frustrating problem, one that many of my clients have. Here is what I would try. I would get the For-bid, because it does work in some dogs. It is safe for puppies, so don't worry about that. Some dogs respond well to it, others do not. The next thing I would do is leave some of her faeces in the yard, but cover it all with cayenne pepper consistently for a few weeks. If she has a few bad experiences with having her mouth get very hot while eating faeces she is less likely to try it again. Here is another product that you can try:
This product reduces odors arising from stools and urine to make them less appealing to a dog, provides thiamine, which is an amino acid that can cause dogs to eat faeces if they are deficient in this amino acid, contains digestive enzymes to change the taste of the faeces, and also has ingredients to impart a bitter taste to it.

The last resort is to buy a basket muzzle for her to wear until she grows out of this habit. I have clients who have to put a basket muzzle on their dog every time she goes out because of this!

I hope that I have answered your question thoroughly. If you still have questions, please reply. If you feel that I have provided anything less than excellent service, please reply to me first before rating my service and let me know how I can better assist you. Thank you for your question; it has been a pleasure being able to provide assistance. Best of luck.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

many thanks for your reply. I did try cayenne pepper one day, and she licked it but just drank some water afterwards. I will try this again for longer, as I wasn't sure if it was harmful to her. She is on CSJ puppy champ food, which she loves, but eats so fast, and I just wanted to ask you what I could do to slow her down. Somebody online suggested putting large stones mixed with it, but I don't like the sound of that, as she eats small stones from the garden sometimes anyway, which we are trying to stop. Any ideas please?

The rocks idea makes me nervous, too! I would get a bowl like this that has built-in obstacles:
Hope that helps!
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