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Dr. Michael Salkin
Dr. Michael Salkin, Veterinarian
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My brothers dog was attacked by another dog yesterday morning.

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My brothers dog was attacked by another dog yesterday morning. He has around 6 puncture wounds in his throat leading down towards his chest and 1 in his side. He is a small dog and quite old. My brother lives in Cambodia where veterinary treatment is nearly non existent. His wife who is Cambodian called a guy who treats animals in siem reap but I believe is experience is based on just that. No qualifications just experience. He administered 3 shots, of which one was a pain killer and another to help the wound heal (apparently.) he also sprayed the wound and cleaned it. And then told us to give him a drop of vitamin c solution every few hours. And some sachets of what I suppose are supplements.He was very immobile at the start and his breathing shallow. His lower eyelid has inflamed too. Throughout the day he chose to be around people and moved shakily around the garden when he could. What bothers me most is the coughing. He seems uninterested/ unable to eat solids. He has sporadically drank a little water when he has wanted too otherwise when we have given him the sachets we have spoonfed him water then too. The coughing is very guttural, there is something In His throat, I'm concerned it might be internal bleeding? If not what could it be? Mucus from the wounds? The bleeding continued the whole day, it wasn't gushing but oozing, so he would leave a little blood on the floor where he lay his head each time.Towards the end of the day he was more active and even attempted to stand up on his hind legs (which is one of have things he does when he wants some affection) so we went to bed hopeful.This morning however he seemed weaker and twice he has fallen from a sitting up position. I gave him some water of which he drank a small amount. We then gave him his vit c and sachets in water. His coughing and breathing are worse after we give him these which is understandable. He is very shaky too. After an hour he appears only slightly more comfortable but restless. He walks very shaky still. We have cleaned and wrapped his throat wound which is still oozing a tiny bit.very loosely and allowing air to it as it is incredibly hot here at the moment.I don't know what to do as there are no western vets, the nearest being 5 hours away on bad roads in Phnom Penh.What I'm worried about is whether or not he is getting better or fading slowly. We don't know how deep his wounds are but thankfully he hasn't coughed up any blood. I don't want to see him suffering like this unless I know there is some hope. Understandably you can't do anything except advise on the info I've given you. Currently my brother has managed to feed him a little water but very little. Should he be eating? He is still choosing to be near people so I'm feeling positive about that.Basically I'm not a vet and I don't know what we should be doing so any help and advice will be so very much appreciated! I don't want this little guy to die on me!!Tamara
Aloha! You're speaking to Dr. Michael Salkin
I'm sorry for the delay in responding to you. Pragmatically speaking, we need to understand that surgical intervention, if needed, isn't possible. If we're to do anything for Moppy it should be administering a broad spectrum antibiotic because those bite wounds are bound to become infected and abscess. Vitamin C and supplements aren't helpful in these cases but won't be harmful.

Human antibiotics should be available to your brother. If he can find the following please have him initiate therapy with one of these antibiotics as follows:

Amoxicillin 10mg/lb twice daily for ten days
Ampicillin 10mg/lb thrice daily for ten days
Amoxicillin/clavulanate postassium 10mg/lb twice daily for ten days

If another antibiotic is available, instead, please let me know and I'll see if I can find a dose for Moppy.
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