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Dr. Scott
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Hello My 7 year old westie had an upset stomach last week

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My 7 year old westie had an upset stomach last week I took her to the vets and was given stomorgyl an antibiotics which she has completed the course yesterday I was also told to put her on a bland diet untill her stools returned to normal which they did on Wednesday so I slowly started her back on her normal dog food yesterday (Thursday) and she seemed fine but today she has had a couple more poos again it was not diarrhoea but more of a thick soft turd after she has eaten.

So not sure what to do continue slowly with her dog food or put her back on her chicken and rice?

She was on prednisolone for her skin but the vet also took her off that last week and she was given apoquel.

She is fine in every other way wants to eat, playing and drinking fine.
Hello there,

Sorry to hear about your situation. If the stool is starting to get soft again it means the colon is becoming inflamed. The antibiotic she was on helps reduce colitis and kills off bad bacteria. If she did fine on the bland diet I would continue that for a longer period of time to give the colon a longer time to heal. You can also mix in 5 ml of plain yogurt twice a day into the diet to act as a probiotic to help replace the good bacteria killed off by the illness. If you try to get her back on the regular diet 3-4 days after the stool has returned to normal and the stool gets soft again, she may need a longer course of medication or a different one altogether for the colitis.
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