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Dr. Dan M.
Dr. Dan M., Dog Veterinarian
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I have a rescue dog of 9 tears old. A Lakeland terrier, He

Customer Question

I have a rescue dog of 9 tears old. A Lakeland terrier, He is constantly itchy rubbing his chest on the carpet and on the grass, he also rubs his face a lot. The vet tells me he has sensitive skin and should grow out of it. However, yesterday he scratch at his chest and under his front legs until he is quite sore. I have bathed him with a weak solution of bi-carbonate of soda and put an old vest on him to try and stop him doing any more damage. Is they any thing else I can do. The vet did give me a upside down lampshade collar. As I live in a small bungalow and he is blind in one eye, he is constantly knocking himself on everything. I have just ordered a soft collar on the internet for, which hopefully will arrive soon. Hope you can help. Molly Thompson
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Dog
Expert:  Dr. Dan M. replied 3 years ago.
Hi Molly,

I am sorry your dog has this skin problem.

It is unlikely to be something he will grow out as he is 9 years old now.
There are many things which cause itchy skin and this can range from parasitic disease (sarcoptic or demodectic mange and fleas) to allergic skin disease (very common) and often there is a secondary bacterial or fungal disease present when the skin is very inflamed.

There are many causes of allergic skin disease and these include grasses, pollens, house dust mites and foods. Dependant on the severity of the itch various investigations can be done to identify the triggers. Often it comes down to managing the sign i.e the itch.

Ideally, your dog should have a full skin examination to rule out infectious causes and determine if it is likely allergic skin disease. As far as management goes at home. Human anti histamines can be used and I like to use cetirizine hydrochloride which you can get from the supermarket, a dog his size should get half a 10mg tablet once daily. Pure Aloe Vera gel can provide instant relief for inflamed skin too.

There is a very promising medication now available called Apoquel which has a very good safety profile but provides very rapid resolution of itchy skin, but this will require an examination by your vet for it to be dispensed.

Good luck

Dan Makin