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Dr. Deb
Dr. Deb, Dog Veterinarian
Category: Dog
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Experience:  I have been a practicing veterinarian for over 30 years.
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I noticed my Shih tzu breth was a bit smelly this morning which

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I noticed my Shih tzu breth was a bit smelly this morning which she never normally suffers from, so I thought she might be a bit under the weather. Now her nose is running and she sounds quite snuffly, could it be she just has a little cold.

Hello Kassy, I'm Dr. Deb and I'll do my best to help you today.

I'm sorry for this concern for Trixie Belle. I do have a few questions to ask about her first if you don't mind:

1. Can you take her temperature?
2. What color is her nasal discharge?
3. Is she still eating?
4. Is she lethargic?

There may be a slight delay after I receive your answers since I have to type up a response to you. Thanks for your patience. Deb


Customer: replied 4 years ago.

i cant take her temperature but her belly feels hotter than normal.

Her nasal discharge is clear and some dribbling from her mouth this is clear also.

She is not eating and is lethargic but she is normally a very cuddly dog.

Thanks so much for the additional information.

It sounds like Trixie Belle may have an upper respiratory infection based on the information you've provided since her appetite and energy level are affected.
Dogs with allergies can also have some of the symptoms you're describing but these dogs are usually still eating and not lethargic.

Upper respiratory infections in dogs are usually secondary to either viruses or bacteria although it's frequently difficult to determine what might be the underlying cause.
I usually dispense antibiotics in these cases since there is often a secondary bacterial component to them even if the discharge isn't green or yellow.
Many of these dogs will also run fevers which is why they are lethargic and don't have much of an appetite. It might be helpful if you could get your hands on a thermometer and take her temperature; normal is between 100 and 102.5 F.

In most cases, dogs will recover fairly uneventfully from these conditions because they're fairly benign (similar to a cold in a human) but there are a few conditions which are more serious and which might appear similar to something "simple". These dogs rapidly become ill, though.

1. Canine Flu or Influenza can be a very serious condition
2. Pneumonia can also be quite serious. Unlike in humans, this condition is usually bacterial in origin rather than viral.
3. Distemper if she's not been vaccinated.

It's also quite possible that she has an infection in her mouth which might explain her symptoms as well. She's a little on the young side for such an issue but I've seen it before so something to also consider.

You could give her over the counter Benadryl which might help dry up some of her secretions. However, my only hesitation about its use would be that it can cause sedation in many dogs. We then might not know if she was worsening or if she's only having a side effect to this drug. The dose would be 1 mg/lb twice a day if you wanted to consider it.

If she continues to have no interest in eating and/or remains lethargic and/or if the discharge turns yellow/green, then it might be prudent to have her seen.

I hope this helps and that she's feeling better soon. Deb

Dr. Deb and other Dog Specialists are ready to help you
Thanks for the rating; it's greatly appreciated.

I hope you'll keep me posted about Trixie Belle; I'd like to know how she's faring.

Even though you've rated, we can still continue to communicate at no additional charge to you.

I'll be sending her best wishes for a speedy recovery.

Regards, Deb

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