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the back of his to just past the front with a big swelling

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the back of his penis to just past the front with a big swelling there and tummy feels a bit bloated, I know he has a slightly enlarged spleen but feel there is something else wrong the lump is mostly on the right side of the penis.

Dr. Barbara :

Hi, Welcome to JustAnswer. I'm a licensed veterinarian and I'll be happy to help. I'm sorry to hear about Charlie's lump. I don't really have a clear picture of the lump on his penis, unfortunately. Is the lump on his skin or just beneath the skin of the sheath which houses his penis, or is it actually on his penis? Is he able to urinate?

Dr. Barbara :

Would you be able to send me a picture of this lump?


the lump is not on the penis but between his penis and back cannot see the lump but feel it ,it is about the length of my hand and seems to get bigger after eating.


not very good with computer , has my answer been received.

Here I am Gwen,
The lump could be just a lipoma then. Many dogs form these benign fatty lumps that only need to be removed if they are interfering with a dog's normal function (like walking). If this lump is a lipoma, the location may indicate that it should be removed. Lipoma's can grow quite large over time, and this would interfere with Charlie's walking.
The lump, however, could be a liposarcoma or some other cancer, or it could be a hernia. An inguinal hernia can sometimes be diagnosed with an x ray, or it may take an ultrasound for diagnosis. A lipoma as well as a cancerous lump could be initially diagnosed with a needle biopsy done during an office visit. Did you vet take out some of the tissue with a needle and syringe to look at it microscopically?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

the vet couldn't feel the lump as Charlie was standing, it can only be felt when he is lying down. the vet said there was no sign of cancaer in his spleen.

Hi Gwen,
The next time you have your vet look at Charlie, I'd lay him down into the position where you see it. Then your vet could aspirate it to see what it is. Charlie's lump is only on one side. . .correct?
The best way to evaluate his spleen would be with an ultrasound of his abdomen, and a blood profile would be helpful. An ultrasound would be able to look at the architecture of the spleen whereas an x ray looks only at the total size and shape of the spleen. At least Charlie's spleen was regular in its shape which is a good sign.
One common cause of an enlarged spleen is a dog being sedated with acepromazine. We do use this drug to get better xrays and ultrasounds. . .it helps dogs to be more still.
Did Charlie have acepromazine?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

No Charlie just had a scan on his spleen, no sedation needed

Well, if you mean by "a scan" an ultrasound, then this would reveal any cancerous masses. In my experience, spleens can be various sizes, but as long as there were no tumors evident then this is great.
What are you worried about with Charlie?
Dr. Barbara and other Dog Specialists are ready to help you
Hi Gwen,
The fact that you rated us just as OK Service, signals to me that something is wrong. In looking at my last entry I asked you what you are worried about with Charlie. I didn't mean that your concern is minor or unfounded. I just thought that I might be able to explain or even alleviate some of your worry if I possibly understood better.
If there is more you'd like to discuss, please just let me know.
Dr. Barbara