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Dr. Andy
Dr. Andy, Medical Director
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Experience:  UC Davis graduate, Interests: Dermatology, Internal Medicine, Pain Management
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our cavalier king Charles has been diagnosed with a patella

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our cavalier king Charles has been diagnosed with a patella luxation, we were told she would have to have both legs operated on 3months apart but she is not showing any signs of being in pain,she runs around and bounces about on back legs, she is nearly 4 years old but we are very reluctant to have this done as she is not limping or anything, especially with maybe having to be caged for 6wks. are we being cruel if we don't have it done?
Welcome! My name isXXXXX am a UC Davis graduate, and currently, a Medical Director of a veterinary hospital.

I am sorry to hear about this concern for Kara.
I have a Cavalier myself.

The medial patellar luxation problem is quite common.

Are you being cruel? No

There are countless pets that don't have the surgery performed. If it was a quality of life issue and clearly causing difficulties, than I would strongly encourage the procedure.

Now, will not doing the surgery cause other issues? Yes, over time, I would expect an accelerated rate of arthritis to develop in the knees.
So, not an emergency, but when possible, it would be nice if the knees could be corrected. Whether 3 months apart or 1 year apart doesn't matter.

But, no it would not be cruel.
Medial Patellar Luxation

I hope that information has been helpful.
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Dr. Andy

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

the vets want to do the op this year, but we see no signs of pain, running around with no problems, so how will we know when it is time for the op, as because we are insured the vet seems to want to rush it, could you give me some indication as to diagnosing when it is time to be done

I do agree with the vets that the procedure being done before changes occur in the knee is more advantegous.
When the knee caps rides outside of its "groove" it causing a rubbing over time and cartilage damage. A few months won't matter, but I would advise against waiting years.

Waiting for signs of pain is not the determining factor when to do surgery. Think of it as more of a prophylactic surgery to help prevent additional problems later.

Hope that additional information helps. Definitely, reply to me if there is any other way I may assist you. I hope my responses have been satisfactory.
Dr. Andy
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