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My dog had puppys on Monday she had 5 they seemed all ok but

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My dog had puppy's on Monday she had 5 they seemed all ok but today have noticed the smallest is not sucking properly mad mam keeps taking her out of her basket what should we do.
Hello, I'm Dr. Ralston. Thanks for your question.

It sounds like there is likely something wrong with this puppy. The mother senses its weakness and she is trying to remove it from the rest of her puppies so that if it is sick, it won't make the others sick. It is cruel, but the nature of animals.

In a litter of 5 it is not uncommon to lose one or even two pups in the Shi Tzu breed.

First of all, it is NOT your fault. Puppies at that age that are ignored or pushed away by mom do not usually live. It is VERY hard to keep them alive and nurse them into adulthood even under 24 hours Veterinary care.

I think you are going to have to hand feed this pup to give it a chance.

I would tell you that the easiest solution for diet is to go to the store and buy some ESBILAC. You can get it at PetCo or PetSmart. I know your Vet is recommending the cat food because of the high protein and fat content which puppies need. That makes sense. But ESBILAC is a puppy milk replacer specifically for puppies. Yes you can use goat milk as well, but this stuff is premade balanced and ready to go. Just go pick some up. You will probably also want some bottles, and they should be RIGHT next to the stuff in the store. Best thing is that the bottles and the cans TELL you how to use them

Also, supplement the calories with a high cal vitamin gel called Nutrical or something similar. Again, just ask them at the store. They can help you.

Be sure to be pottying the pup as well. After it eats, get a warm mosit cloth and gently stimulate the genital area... this is like the mother's tongue... and will stimulate it to poo and pee. You have to do this everytime you feed it. For those little guys it's probably about every 2-3 hours right now. But base it on the schedule Princess has set for the other pups. If it doesn't want to eat, try again after an hour til you find where it wants to eat.

Be VERY careful not to FORCE fluid into their mouths as you may push it into their lungs and cause them to aspirate and drown.

An exam is the best way to tell if something is wrong with the pup. I won't be able to tell you that online. You'd need to have the pup examined. Possible problems could be heart related, cleft palate, liver issues, incomplete anal opening, kidney failure, and a whole bunch of other stuff that would require testing. I could list them all and we could talk about it all day. But, the truth is, probably something is probably wrong with this pup.

She doesn't have time to take care of it, and needs to focus on the other four if she wants them to do well. So, you will have to do it for her.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
We are trying to get the puppy to suck but it won't it is just not having it princess is willing to let it but it won't what do you think.
I see. So you are trying to get the pup to suck a nipple, and princess is willing, but the pup doesn't want to do it.

And, you mentioned "the smallest is not sucking properly mad mam keeps taking her out of her basket what should we do." which I took to mean that she was pushing the pup out of the basket away from her other pups. My confusion. Sorry about that.

Well, if the pup won't nurse, you have to try to get it to nurse from a bottle as I have mentioned. It may be easier to get it to nurse when it is away from the other pups.

Often the smaller pups lose their heat faster than larger pups. You mentioned this was the smallest one. Sometimes, they need to be warmed up a bit. Get a warm blanket or towel from the clothes dryer and snuggle the pup up in that while you attempt to nurse it from the bottle. Sometimes, as it warms up, it will nurse more.

Be sure to also get a warm moist cloth and rub it in the genital area. It could be that the pup needs to defecate or urinate. This will also keep them from eating.

If warming, bottle feeding, and urinating/defecating does not work, the pup will have to be fed with a feeding tube. This is hard to do, and shouldn't be tried unless you have experience with this. It is actually possible to place the tube in the trachea instead of the esophagus. Instead of going into the stomach, the food goes into the lungs.

You might want to have a local Vet show you how to do this.

Here are several links showing that procedure :

The pup has to eat. If attempts to do that at home are unsuccessful, then tube feeding is the next step. If you don't feel comfortable with that, the pup will have to see the Veterinarian for more advanced care.

Be advised, the pup may not live not matter what you do. Especially if something is quite wrong with it. But again, I can't tell you that over the internet.
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