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Dr. Peter
Dr. Peter, Veterinarian
Category: Dog
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Experience:  16 years of internal medicine, surgery, and preventive care.
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My 3.5kg dog has just eaten about 5-6gm of dark 70% chocolate,

should I worry? she seems... Show More
should I worry? she seems fine and has drunk some milk and eaten...
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Welcome and thanks for asking your question. My name isXXXXX am a licensed veterinarian. I am happy to answer your question today. First I need to ask you a few questions so that I can be well informed and give you the best advice.

1- How long has it been since she ate the chocolate?
2- Did she vomit after giving peroxide?
3- How much peroxide did you give?

There may be a slight delay between your follow ups and my replies as I type out a thorough reply for you.

Customer reply replied 3 years ago.

It's been abpout 15-20 minutes since I found her nibbling on a chocolate square, I gave her 9% hydrogen peroxide diluted 1:1 she didn't take much down and didn't vomit. She then drank some milk and ate some raw minced chicken (her usual food)

Emily, it is not likely for her to become toxic with 5-6 grams of dark chocolate. Based on her weight she would need +/-22 grams to be concern about toxicity. I don't expect any symptoms to develop. But, just in case observe her for the next 24 hours if she becomes hyperactive, muscle tremors, changes in respiration, lethargic, etc. follow up immediatey with a veterinarian. If after 24 hours (especially the first 12 hours) you do not see any symptoms then unlikely for symptoms to develop.

My goal is to provide you with excellent service – if you feel you have gotten anything less, please reply back. I am happy to address follow-up questions. Thank you for your business and I hope to work with you again soon!

Dr. Peter
Customer reply replied 3 years ago.

Thank you Dr Peter, I didn't think it was enough to worry but it's nice to be reassured.

Could you clarify please the strength and amount of hydrogen peroxide I should give to induce vomiting? also the best way to administer. I hope I'll never have to again but dogs will be dogs will be dustbins.

Thank you


Emily, you will need to dilute the peroxide to a 3% solution. Mix 1 part peroxide and 2 parts water. Then, give one teaspoon for every 10 lbs body weight of the 3% peroxide. It can be repeated within 5-10 minutes if no vomiting occurs. Can be given a total of 3 times 5-10 minutes apart.

Please reply if you have additional questions.

Dr. Peter
Customer reply replied 3 years ago.

Thank you, Violet is fine this morning so I don't think there will be any problems, I shall be more careful about leaving chocolate on the kitchen table in future. She's only small but she is very agile!!! Thank goodness she is a dainty eater and I found her just nibbling the edge of one square.

Kind regards


Good morning Emily, I am happy to learn she is doing well. Thank you for the update.

You're welcome.

Dr. Peter