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Dr. Gene
Dr. Gene, Veterinarian
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i had my female english mastiff put to sleep as her back legs

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i had my female english mastiff put to sleep as her back legs went and her front left leg was stuck going back the wrong way it just happend that morning new something was wrong with her as she wasnt herself have i done the right thing or could have something been done she was only five

Dr. Gene :

Hi there.

Dr. Gene :

I'm sorry about your girl

Dr. Gene :

Can you tell me a little bit more about what happen? Was the onset of symptoms sudden or gradual over a period of hours? Had she had any other symptoms prior to this?


got up at four oclock in the morning she was lieing by the back door so i let her out she dint want to come back in but finally got her in so took her straight to see vet in the morning cos she didnt seem right. vet said tempreture was fine and gave her injection and tablets for next day to start antibiotics. walked home wich is 10 min walk and when we got up path she got worse just collapsed. got her in and she was just lieing like shed had a stroke couldnt seem to get her legs working properly. when i did lift her ,her paws were stuck like when you move them back and they correct them she could not it was just so sudden

Chelsea, thanks for the additional information, it helps.

By your description, I suspect that Bear either had one of the following happen to her:

1. Stroke: this is when a blood clot or a piece of cartilage obstructs a blood vessel that supplies blood and oxygen to the spinal cord; this causes disruption of nerve signals and eventually damage to the spinal cord.

2. Disc herniation: this happens when a disc (there is a cartilage disc between each of the spinal bones) ruptures or swells, pressing on the spinal cord and causing disruption of nerve impulses, resulting in paralysis, much like stroke above.

3. Injury to one of the spinal bones, such as a fracture.

4. Cancer of the spinal cord or brain stem; in this case, symptoms usually come up more slowly, but there are times when the weakness and eventually paralysis, happen quickly.

In any case, the problem likely happened in the neck area, since both sets of limbs became affected. There is nothing you could have done to prevent this from happening, unfortunately. As far as what could have been done after the fact, it is difficult to say since we don't know what the problem was. Ideally, for a situation like this, diagnostic testing should be done initially to determine what the problem is (blood testing, x-rays, MRI, etc); once this is done and the problem is diagnosed, then coming up with effective treatment, if such exists for that particular problem, would be much easier. Not knowing what the problem was and considering how badly affected she was, you did the right thing....

I'm sorry for your loss; please let me know if you have other questions.
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