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I have had a progesterone test done today 10th day came back

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I have had a progesterone test done today 10th day came back 0.2. Intend to mate bitch on Monday evening. Vets do not offer test over week-end will I be ok to wait and retest Monday or will she probably be ok - Im frightened I'll miss her time ifi have to wait until late Monday or Tuesday ?
Thank you for asking about Perle and timing her breeding. My name isXXXXX am a veterinarian, and will do my best to help.

There are three ways to see if she is ready to be bred: the progesterone blood test, vaginal cytology (looking under the microscope at cells from her vagina), or seeing if she will "stand".

Usually if she is not ready to breed, she won't stand, and won't let the male mount her or mate with her. It seems reasonable to take her to the stud on Monday, and if she will stand to be bred, and they achieve a tie, then she was ready. If she won't stand for him (runs away, won't let him mount her) then she needs another day or two. If she does not stand on Monday, you could have the progesterone test repeated, or have vaginal cytology done by your vet.

Please let me know if this helps, and what else I can aswer or help with.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.
I am an experienced breeder of over 40 yrs , the situation has changed dramatically in as much as the stud owner insists on evidence that a blood test proves the bitches readiness. 02 is not sufficient,. My concern is that if I wait for another test on Monday I could miss her ovulation since that will be four more days. She us a flirty bitch and is alreadypresentingherself to my other bitches ! I have only come across this situation on one previous occasion hence my incompetence . Still unsure. I have to travel to the sire too .
I know that a progesterone level of .2 is very low.

why does the owner of the male need to have the results of the blood test? I usually use progesterone levels to predict ovulation in females that won't stand.

There is no way to predict when the progesterone peak will happen. It may take 4 days, or it may happen sooner. Most of the time when we are using progesterone levels to predict when to breed, we do check them every other day. Since you can't do it on Sunday, and this stud owner is insisting on a blood test, then I would run it again on Monday.

I still like the vaginal cytology; it is reliable and you don't have to wait for a test to come back from the lab.

I recently worked with a breeder whose stud dog owner wanted progesterone levels and my client had the same problem as you, a days drive to the stud dog and having to wait around for blood tests to come back. We did both vaginal cytology and the blood test the day she left, hoping it would be high enough. Fortunately, by the time she drove to the next state, I was able to call her with a good progesterone level, but we knew based on the vaginal cytology that she looked ready, before she made the trip.

Good luck; I hope you are successful breeding her. Let me know if I can answer anything else.

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Thank you for the good rating.

I hope you get some puppies!