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Denver ER Doc
Denver ER Doc, Dog Veterinarian
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we have a 5 month old boxer he is our 3rd boxer we had and

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we have a 5 month old boxer he is our 3rd boxer we had and he is still peeing in door, even if the garden door is open so he can go outside

Hi there,


Has Moby been neutered?


Are there other dogs currently in the household?


Is he passing regular amounts of urine when he goes in the house, or is it small amounts in certain areas?



Dr. Paul

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Not yet he beening done a months time as he has only one testcle drop so he need two ops took him to a friends house and hedid not pee anywhere in the house? There r no other dogs inthe house, the amount of pee is different every time. It is all over the house as well

OK, thanks for the information. If the second testicle hasn't dropped by now, he will need a surgery to go find and remove it.


You could be dealing with one of a couple issues. The first thing I would do is have your veterinarian check his urine to make sure he does not have an underlying infection or other concern causing him to need to keep his bladder empty. This is not very likely, but should always be ruled out in cases of inappropriate urination.


What you are describing sounds behavioral. He is likely marking his territory, especially if he can tell that you have had dogs previously. This is very common in dogs who have not been neutered. The behavior should decrease once he is neutered, but, unfortunately, once an intact male dog has started marking, it can still be a tough habit to break. After he is neutered, if the training is not working to stop the problem completely, you may need to engage with a behaviorist for specific and intensive training modalities to completely resolve the issue.


Hope that helps. Please let me know what other questions you have.



Dr. Paul

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