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A 3 year old FI labradoodle spayed bitch. All well up to one

Customer Question

A 3 year old FI labradoodle spayed bitch. All well up to one year old when started drooling with heavy salivation after a walk and vomiting glutinous white foam. Dog had sunken eyes and clearly unhappy and refused to eat. Initial Vet suspected some form of poisoning/intoxication. Dog weight dropped from 21.5 kgs steadily down to 12 kgs. Interestingly once the dog had become ill she started snoring heavily and continues to do so
Dog also had a couple of fitting episodes.
Dog referred to one of Uk top VET specialist (Dick White ) and was initially diagnosed with Saliadenosis/Epilepsy and put on Phenobarbitone and steroids
Excess salivation was reduced with Phenobarbitone although dog continued not to thrive with frequent bouts of retching/white vomit on walks and sporadic appetite, requiring syringe feedings for some time and also urgent admission to the local vet for IV treatment.
Dog was readmitted to the UK referral centre when weight loss was becoming critical and where it was decided that since the excess salivation was controlled to some extent via Phenobarbitone, then the diagnosis of Epilepsy was correct. A further specialist on digestion determined that the dog was now suffering from a digestive disorder unrelated to the diagnosis of epilepsy/saliadenosis. Dog was returned with Ranatadine /Metoclopramide but with little expectation that this would work since in the 10 days the dog had been admitted, it had not eaten.
During the admissions to the referral centre, the dog has had CT/MRI/endoscopy/Xrays and several rounds of bloods with no definitive conclusions. On return home the dog started eating and put on weight up to now 18 kgs.
The insurance cover has been exhausted now with approximately $6000 expended on each of the theories, so a total of $12000.
Although the dog is now eating, it is vomiting more. Before any exercise the dog is gurgling as if it has a lot of phlegm, and once on a walk it will drool, lip smack with licking of lips, drool will then be apparent and the dog will then vomit. This is becoming more frequent and even a short walk of 100 metres will bring on the vomiting. The dog is swallowing the foam and bloating markedly resulting in pain and pacing with great distress lasting in excess of an hour. Xray have confirmed air bloating . We have been relieving the distress with rectal application of Diazepam with Zantac and Metacam as per Vet instructions. Phenobarbitone was set at 2 x 30 mg but is increased to 90 mg /days in an attempt to control the salivation. In the last two days the dog has been put back on Metoclopramide.
We live in a rural area and have 2 further dogs both of whom have no medical problems. Dogs are wormed with all vaccinations up to date.
Any ideas where we go from here?
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Dog
Expert:  Shantal-Mod replied 3 years ago.

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I am ok to wait for a while to see if any one can come up with some words of wisdom.




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