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Dr. Welton
Dr. Welton, Dog Veterinarian
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Experience:  Licensed small animal veterinarian since 2002, practice owner since 2004.
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hi i have a 14 month old springer spaniel bitch called belle. belle has had ongoing health concerns, she is a anxious dog and i dont know wether this is due to an underlying health concern or her health problems are due to her anxiety at 4 months of age she developed an abcess in her jaw this was treated with 10 day course of antibitoics. at around this age she seemed to develop a fear of cars and refused to walk down the street, we started taking her in the car to different parks. at 6 months old she had kennel cough and impetigo which was treated with antibitoics. at 7 months old we lost our old dog, belle then came into her first season. she appeared a little more confident after this at 9 months old(jan2014) she started to sit whilst out on walks appearing very anxious, at night she paced the floor previously she had slept without problem. after 4 days we saw our vet belle had a high temperature? stomach bug, all glands enlarged. she was given antibitoic injection and painkiller, the next day she perked up then 24 hr later starting crying when jumping, she was then unable to move her neck, she would eat from my hand. we went to the emergency vet who gave her another painkilling injection. following this belles breathe was extremely smelly( like a horrific tonsillitis, i worked on childrens ent) the left side of her neck started to swell and she was a very poorly pup. i was up allnight with her for a week! she was on antibiotics for 3 weeks in total. she went in for biopsies and blood test 2 weeks into problem these were inconclusive. at 1 year we asked a behaviuorist to support us in belles fear of traffic, belle will now walk down quiet roads but i really dont think her fear has gone she merely keeps walking. at 13months(easter) the neck pain dramatically came back over the course of 12 hours she was unable to jump or climb stairs. we went back to our ver and belle was started imediately on antibiotocs. neck glands enlarged. no temperature. an mri scan eas ordered. one week later we travelled for her mri scan this showed enlarged tonsils. no foreign body or spine problems noted. the day after her mri scan i noticed a red mark in her left groin i rang the vets who stated they had not done anything to her groin, i took her back to our vets where he was unsure what the redness was like but felt it looked like the skin had been stuck on sometinh and dragged. antibitocs continued, 2 days later the mark had become an open wound much like a pressure sore only not on a bony part. belle returned to our vet where she was admitted for debridment and suturing of sore as it was not healing. a the same time belle had blood test for immune problems and parasites these were all normal.about in inch above this sore a dark scaly area developed with hair growing through it. after 2 weeks this must have got itchy belle started to lick it and this started to get wet, i place a cone on and it has taken @2 weeks to dry leaving a bald area about the size of a 5p. i have recently started belle on skullcap and valerian as i dont know what else to do. i feel she is running on 90%. after the firsr neck pain and 3 weeks of antibitocs she was a different dog and a very bouncy springer this lasted for about 3 weeks. i hope you can offer some help. i feel a fresh set of eyes might see something that is being missed.just an addition she has only 3 pads on her front two paws. This doesnt seem to affect her!



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My name is***** and I am happy to help. Belle has been through quite a bit in her young life, and I am getting an overall picture that Belle has a compromised immune system that she may have inherited. It also seems that Belle may be by her nature an anxious dog, but this behavioral issue is exacerbated by periods when she is not feeling well.

I would start Belle on immune boosting therapy and anti-inflammatory therapy. Regarding immune system, I would begin dosing her daily with vitamin C. I would start with 250 mg per day, then after a week, bump her up to 500 mg daily. Vitamin C not only is immune boosting, but it also is a free radical and toxic scavenger, thus helping to clear the body of harmful toxins and negatively reacting molecules.

From an anti-inflammatory perspective, I would start Belle on Omega-3-fish oils. Omega-3 is nature's anti-inflammatory, working to neutralize inflammatory biochemical pathways in the body body diverting them to inert, nonreactive products. Omega-3-fatty acids are also integral components to the cell membranes of the cells that make up the body's tissues, thus are also beneficial in helping with tissue repair and rebuilding. I am not certain where you are writing from (I'm guessing England based on your diction), but if it is available, I advise the Nordic Naturals brand of Omega-3. It has the highest standards in the industry.

Lastly, the herb turmeric, a common ingredient in Indian and Asian food, is anti-inflammatory,and immune boosting. It has phenomenal health benefits in dogs with chronic health concerns. I would start Belle on about 1/8 teaspoon daily, and increase to about 1/4 teaspoon in her food daily after one week.

Boosting Belle's immune system, detoxifying her, and reducing inflammation may help her to stop suffering from repeated bouts of infections. Uplifting her health and reducing her bouts illness, may do wonders for her behavioral issues. Down the road, if she continues to have issues, you may consider dosing her with fluoxetine daily, a generic of Prozac. This type of medication increases serotonin in the brain, the neurotransmitter associated with increased feelings of contentment and decreased feelings of fear, panic, etc.

Before going there, however, I would address picking up her overall health and seeing what that does for her fear. You may also want to think about having Belle spayed. Given her health and behavioral concerns, she is not a good breeding candidate anyway, and eliminating the estrogen from her body may well help to reduce her anxiety. Estrogen does not agree with many a female dog, and I have been able to address many behavioral issues simply by performing a spay.

Best wishes to you and Belle! :-)
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

thankyou for your reply.

where do i get the vitamin c supplement that you have suggested, i have looked on the internet and cant seem to find any, the multivitamins dont seem to have the dose you suggest.

i am hoping belle will now have a run of good health!

anne***** *****

Hello Again:

You can use a human based Vitamin C product. Most human vitamin C products come in 500 mg or 1000 mg tablets. You can purchase a pill cutter at any pharmacy. To get 250 mg for the initial dose, simply cut a 500 mg tablet in half and administer daily; or cut a 1000 mg tab in quarters and administer daily.

After a week when you will want to bump the dose up, I would give the whole 500 mg tab daily, or cut a 1000 mg tab in half and dose once daily. You can hide the tablets in something yummy...peanut butter often works well.

All the best to you. Glad you found my answer useful and are going to give a nutritional approach a try. :-)

Best regards,

Dr. Roger
Dr. Welton, Dog Veterinarian
Category: Dog
Satisfied Customers: 1452
Experience: Licensed small animal veterinarian since 2002, practice owner since 2004.
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