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Dr. Kara
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Hi, adopted a spayed dog from Eastern Europe in January. End

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Hi, adopted a spayed dog from Eastern Europe in January. End of March she went into season which lasted 4 weeks. The assumption is East European spaying is not a 'full' spay but possibly just a tube tie. Since the end of her season she has had a false pregnancy. One lot of galastop helped, but lactation returned stronger than ever. My vet is recommending spaying her now due to the prolonged false pregnancy but I am unsure whether spaying during a false pregnancy is a good idea. She is now on another lot of galastop whilst I make up my mind! Opinion please? Thank you.
Hello, my name is***** and I have over 20 years of experience as a veterinarian. I am sorry to hear that Luna is experiencing a false pregnancy with heavy lactation.

Ideally we don't spay a lactating bitch because that increases the chance of infection at the surgery site, because milk is a great food for bacteria and a surgical site allows bacteria a way in, and may lead to increased bleeding because of increased vasculature to lactating mammary glands.

If we can get Luna to stop lactating with another round of Galastop and then spay her that would be ideal. But because she has already failed to stop lactating after her first round, and she seems to be lactating even more now, that may not happen and we may not be able to achieve that.

Long term it is important to get her spayed because she will likely repeat this pattern with each heat cycle.
And I think that your veterinarian is thinking that getting rid of her ovaries sooner rather then later is important. But spaying her now won't change her false pregnancy symptoms or lactation now. Those symptoms aren't tied to ovarian hormonal influence at this stage. Spaying her now won't change the length of her lactation now.

I would recommend trying this round of Galastop in hopes that it does stop her lactation and then spaying her immediately if it does.
If that doesn't work then giving her more time is reasonable. But if she is approaching the time for her next heat then I would spay her either way, as the last thing we want is another heat, which will only perpetuate her lactation.

Please let me know if you have any further questions.
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

If her lactation does stop with this round of galastop, but she is still a little swollen and still has enlarged teats would that be a safer time for the spaying? I am obviously keen to spay her as soon as is safe to do so. Thanks.

I absolutely understand your desire to get her spayed.
Given her history if her lactation stops, but she's still a little swollen, then I would spay her. In her case I don't think we can wait for her mammary glands to shrink further as I suspect that won't happen before she goes into heat again, and the whole process starts over.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thank you very much!!

You are very welcome, best of luck and please let me know how things go for your girl.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
She has nearly finished another 7 days on galastop and is still lactating so I do not hold outing hope!
I'm so sorry, then neither do I as she should have responded before this. I'll cross my fingers that she has a last minute quick response and all goes well from there.