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Have an 8 week old border collie x sheltie puppy. Had vanguard

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Have an 8 week old border collie x sheltie puppy. Had vanguard CPV vaccine at breeders on 24th June and took to our vets for puppy vaccinations on 3rd July - where it was given the full set of DHPPI, Lepto and KC. However, for yesterday started passing bit of blood at end of stools and has continued to do so since. Not a lot but bright red at end of stools which are now runny. We did start to change her food from the a local made food from where puppy came from to Beta puppy - which could have upset stomach - but had loads of pups in the past and would not expect to see blood from change of food.
Puppy is lively and energetic still and drinking fine. We took temperature this morning which was 38.5 c but obviously don't want to leave it too long in case she suddenly goes downhill.
Hello, I'm Dr.Bob.
I understand your concern for Bing. Blood in the stool in humans is a very serious sign. Not so much in dogs, though, as the lining in their digestive tract is much more fragile than that of humans, tending to bleed much easier.
Some individual dogs are even more likely to show this symptom than others, and many shelties and collie cross dogs are especially sensitive. The excitement of the car ride, the change of food or the veterinary visit, any of them could have caused a bit of blood to appear. an intestinal parasite, coccidia, can also cause this symptom to appear, and any kind of stress exacerbates it.
The important things are that she's bright alert and running a normal temperature and that she continues to be that way. Once she's back to normal, switching her food should be done gradually, 1/4 new food for a couple of days, then 1/2 for a couple more days, the 3/4, etc., until she's eating the new food entirely.
If she seems to be experiencing abdominal distress, Pepto Bismol is a wonderful over-the-counter product in dogs. One half non-chewable caplet, or one teaspoon of the liquid *the caplets are a lot easier!), given every four hours for a day or two will help her feel much better. If the amount of blood increases through the day today, or if she's obviously feeling worse, a trip to your veterinarian tomorrow is strongly recommended. In the unlikely case that the symptoms are rapidly progressing, an emergency visit would be warranted.
If you should have any further questions, I'll be happy to answer them for you.
Kind regards
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

would the fact that she had a vanguard CPV vaccine on 24th June and the Nobivac DHPPI vaccine have any bearing on the bleeding - I don't believe she has parvo or anything as there is no excessive smell from her stools but could a double dose of vaccine have anything to do with it. We are ensuring she is kept regularly hydrated and thought about giving her some scrambled egg this afternoon.


Hello again, Linda. It's really not very likely that the vaccines caused the blood in the stool, possible, but not likely. Tiny chihuahua puppies are given the same size vaccine dose as big St. Bernards. The amount or frequency of the vaccine is not usually a factor, unless the particular pup happened to be allergic to one of the components of the vaccine. The excitement, car ride, diet change or a combination of them would be much more likely to have been the cause. If a parasite screening test wasn't performed at her last visit to the veterinarian, it would be a good idea to submit a stool sample Monday to rule out coccidia. Coccidia is a natural inhabitant of the intestinal system of dogs, and stress can cause it to rapidly grow in population, causing blood to appear in the droppings. It's easily treated, and usually not dangerous except in massive numbers. Again, if you should have more questions, please let me know.
Warm regards, *****
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