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my dog as got an enlarged heart. he is a bichon frise. he as

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my dog as got an enlarged heart. he is a bichon frise. he as gone onto water tablets today, he is on vetmedin tablets 5.0mg, is this a bad sign going onto water tablets. what is the expected life span
Hello and welcome to Just Answer!

I have a few questions so that I may better help you:

He was put on furosemide (the water pill). Had he been coughing or did his abdomen get distended?

How does he act normally at home? Does he eat well and play?

Can he tolerate exercise?

Thank you! I'll respond when you reply!!
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

he was coughing prior to being diagnosed, I think his abdomen is a bit distended. He as never been a big eater, he is not very active at home. He does not like long walks he just stops to say more or less I have had enough. Some days he is very lethargic and goes very quiet

Ok thank you for answering that!

Longevity depends on how under control you can get fluid buildup and such. If his cough decreases and his belly size decreases after being on the furosemide then that is a good thing! I always try to get my patients on the lowest dose possible of furosemide that keeps them comfortable and under control. You pair the medication with moderate consistent exercise (no running around like a crazy man) and a lower sodium diet (to keep fluid buildup low) and many dogs can go on for years!

As with any disease, it will progress in time. Usually you will notice the cough increase, his tolerance for any exercise to decrease and possibly the belly to get big again.

Hopefully with medication you can get many more good years out of your friend. There is always the option of having a cardiac ultrasound to see exactly what valves are leaking. Your vet can most likely offer you a referral for that.

Feel free to reply and I hope that this helps you some!

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