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If a Labrador was having only 1 puppy would you be able to

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If a Labrador was having only 1 puppy would you be able to see the puppy move,or will,it be too high inside the bitch ,I've had a litter with two in a few years ago and I can't remember if I saw them move ,she's had a scan and the vet said she could see a puppy although it was not my normal vet and I didn't have much confidence,in her ,she's got milk and her temp seems to be dropping' do you think I should pop her to my very just to see if she could feel anything I'm a bit worried she quite well and whelped her two pups in her first litter no problem she's also had Normal litters of 8 and 7 with no trouble it's due on wed from the first mating ,the matings where dreadful so I'm not surprised she's only having one !!! She's got milk sorry to go on I'm just worried what to do for the best thanks very much
Thank you for your question. My name is***** have been a small animal veterinarian for 12 year and I breed Labradors.
If she has just one puppy, most people will not be able to feel the baby move. It has too much room to hide in the center of the abdomen and you won't feel it. People with more experience palpating abdomens will usually be able to feel the puppy on palpation.
I think you should have your regular vet take a feel and maybe even an xray to see how big the puppy is. Singletons can be a problem for a few reasons. First, they can be large and difficult to deliver. Second, labor is initiated by hormones produced by the fetus. Sometimes a single baby does not produce enough hormones to start labor.
I think it is important for you to know for sure what to expect so I would definitely have your regular vet take a feel.
Best wishes.
Dr. Stacy
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Thanks very much x