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knstrand, Veterinarian
Category: Dog
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Experience:  I am a small animal veterinarian
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My dog has just started yelping in pain when he barks and when

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My dog has just started yelping in pain when he barks and when he is getting up after lying on his side, but otherwise seems his normal self. Could this be a pulled muscle?
knstrand :

Hello, I'm a small animal veterinarian and I can help answer your question about Archie.

knstrand :

These symptoms have just been going on today?

knstrand :

Did he overdue it playing with another dog, going on a long hike?

knstrand :

Is there any potential for an injury?

knstrand :

Almost sounds like a rib injury if he's painful when breathing and when getting up from being on his side.

knstrand :

They can also become sore in the intercostal (between the rib) muscles from playing too rough

knstrand :

Is his breathing fairly normal?

Customer: The yelping when barking started yesterday and getting up off his side has only just started now. I was away for the weekend so my dad was with him but can't remember him hurting himself at all. He is quite a chilled out dog but has his mad moments when he runs round like a pup.
knstrand :

Any other symptoms? Is he eating/drinking normally? Urination/defecation normal?

Customer: He isn't in pain when jumping up climbing the stairs or walking
knstrand :

That is strange. Again, sounds like pain in the rib area because it's only bothering him with the bark and when he lays on it.

Customer: Everything else is normal
knstrand :

It's possible that this will pass once the soreness subsides.

knstrand :

If he develops any other soreness, or any other symptoms, I would have him seen by his regular vet.

knstrand :

If you want to give him some aspirin to help with the pain, I can calculate a dose if you give me an approx weight

Customer: He is quite happily snoring away now so hopefully a good rest will help and yes that would be good thanks. He is approx 15 in weight
knstrand :

Okay, so the baby aspirin (81mg) will be fine for him. Make sure he isn't getting any other anti-inflammatory medications or steroids from another vet while taking this drug.

Customer: Ok I will get him some when he wakes up
Customer: thanks for your help
You are welcome. Best wishes.
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