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Dr. Dave
Dr. Dave, Veterinarian
Category: Dog
Satisfied Customers: 4125
Experience:  23 years small animal general and emergency practice
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My bulldog was playing with a tennis ball today and jumped

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My bulldog was playing with a tennis ball today and jumped up for it and it hit him straight in the eye! He yelped and has been winking ever since, should I take him to the vets
Dr. Dave :

Hello, and thanks for writing in.

Dr. Dave :

I'm sorry this happened to Winston.

Customer: Hi Dr Dave
Customer: I feel awful, so have compensated with a few more treats
Dr. Dave :

With any eye injury, it's always best to have him examined as soon as possible, especially if he is winking .

Dr. Dave :

I'm sure the extra treats help! I'm sure he appreciates that.

Dr. Dave :

We tend to not mess around with eye problems, as they can be quite painful.

Dr. Dave :

And, the sooner an eye injury is treated, the better chance there is of healing quicker.

Dr. Dave :

When dogs get hit in the eye, there is a good chance that the cornea (front, clear part of the eyeball) can get scratched, and needs specific medication for treatment.

Customer: He doesn't seem to be too bothered by it, he is snoring away at the moment. I took him for a run slightly after it happened and he was his usual crazy self and seemed to open it no problem. He's not scratching at it but it does appear redder than usual and his 3rd eyelid is across his eye. The socket itself is not swollen. Should I monitor him overnight and take him in the morning if he is still winking?
Dr. Dave :

Overall, my best medical recommendation would be to have him examined tonight (I have seen MANY eye injuries over the years that would have healed quicker if treated right away). Having said that, if he is not winking or rubbing at his eye at all, you could monitor him closely through the night into tomorrow morning. If he shows any signs of winking, rubbing his eye on things (furniture, floor, etc.), pawing at his eye, discharge from the eye, bloodshot appearance to the eye...then I would definitely get him examined right away.

Customer: Ok thanks Dr Dave
Dr. Dave :

You're very welcome - glad to be here to help. I hope everything goes great with Winston. I will be thinking of you through the weekend.

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