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My 6 week pregnant Pomeranian is coughing / hacking several

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My 6 week pregnant Pomeranian is coughing / hacking several times a day as if she's about to be sick. We put this down to her pregnancy at first but now getting worried. I have an example video I can upload. Is she or the pups in danger?
Hello, welcome to Just Answer. I am Dr Ralston. Thanks for your question.

I would love to view the video. You can either post it to YouTube and then share the link here, or you can try the YouTube button that might be present on this dialogue box next to a paper clip. That depends on which type of computer or phone you are using and may not work on all systems.

Let me know if you are not able to get the video to post. I'd like to see the video before commenting, but I do have some concerns for sure.

One question I have for you is when was the last time Betty was examined by her Veterinarinarian?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi Dr Ralston, I am currently uploading the video clip. Betty had a scan (ultrasound) on Tuesday to confirm the pregnancy with the vet being able to see at least three foetus. Betty's symptoms had eased off by that point but have flared up over the weekend. I'm starting to worry it may be Kennel Cough, however our other 3 poms, 2 puppies and a 7 year old are symptom free.

Ok good information, thanks Adrian!

Glad to hear that you had the ultrasound. That's right on time (about 40-45 days). I still usually have an x-ray done in the last week of gestation around day 59 to get a better count of the pups. By then the skeletons should be calcifying and you can see them better. Also helps to get an idea how big they are and if C-section is going to be needed. All of that is stuff you probably already know... but there it is.

Kennel cough is definitely a consideration. She might have even been exposued while she was at the Veterinary hospital. Incubation period, or the time of exposure to time of clinical signs is usually about 3-10 days, which most pets showing a soft, mildly productive cough, and possible phlegm or white foam by days 5-7. So.. you are right around 6 days from time of exposure. Suspicious....

There isn't much we can do to prevent kennel cough around the office. That's where sick pets are, and that stuff is very contagious. The vaccine can prevent severe infection and usually stops the progression of the cough from mild bronchitis to full blown pneumonia, but it is not 100% effective unfortunately.

Keep in mind, if this is kennel cough, the other dogs in the household might have various degrees of immunity to it. Betty's immunity is lower right now due to the pups and pregnancy. But, she is likely infectious, and they could develop signs soon as well.

One thing I would consider would be to make sure that the Veterinarian has examined the heart. You know, cardiac disease and specifically mitral valve disease is common in Poms. And, pregnancy can exacerbate this problem due to increased work load on the heart from the weight gain, decreased lung space (pups filling up the abdomen and pushing up on the chest)

I am not aware of any termination of pregnancy caused by kennel cough. It is usually treatable with amoxicillin, and that is an antibiotic that can usually be given to pregnant dogs with relative safety. In fact, it's the only one I will use on pregnant dogs.

SO, you might have to have that checked out at the office. Have them listen to the heart to be sure it still sounds ok. Listen to the chest as well, and unfortunately, you might have to start on some antibiotic during the last trimester here....

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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thank you for your help. My vet confirmed a mild dose of Kennel Cough which was treated successfullly with abx. He alos listened to her heart for any potential problems such as mitral valve disease and gave her the all clear.


So again thank you for you assistance. I will definately be using you again.

Thank you for the update. Glad to hear that the pregnancy is still going well for Betty. Thank you for the positive rating as well. I really do appreciate that.

If you have questions later on about the puppies, etc, let me know.