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Dr. Laurie
Dr. Laurie, Veterinarian
Category: Dog
Satisfied Customers: 123
Experience:  Internship trained small animal veterinarian. Interestes: internal medicine, dermatology & oncology
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My dog has red sore eyes ive had treatment from a vet antibiotics

drops ect but my cocker... Show More
drops ect but my cocker still has the problem
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Dr. Laurie :

Hello, My name is***** and I am a licensed veterinarian. I am so sorry to hear that Trinnity’s eyes are not getting better with the ointment sent home from your veterinarian.

Dr. Laurie :

There are several different things that can cause a pets eyes to be red and irritated. If he had a simple bacterial infection then the ointment your veterinarian provided would likely help. Another possible cause could be a scratch or ulcer of the cornea. Your veterinarian can use a special stain on the cornea to detect this. Another test that should be run is called a schirmer tear test which checks for dry eye also known as KCS. In dogs dry eye can cause very red and irritated eyes and they will not respond to antibiotic therapy alone. Here is a website with some more information about this condition: . I would also check to see if your veterinarian checked Trinnity’s eye pressure to make sure he does not have glaucoma as this too can cause red and irritated eyes. Here is website with more information on glaucoma for you: If all these tests are negative then your veterinarian may prescribe a steroid drop for his eyes to help with the inflammation and this will help if his eyes are irritated due to a secondary allergy and some other causes as well. Lastly, if he is not doing any better I would ask your veterinarian for a referral to a veterinary ophthalmologist as they have the most experience diagnosing difficult cases.

Dr. Laurie :

I hope that you find this information helpful and that Trinnity feels better soon. Please let me know if I can help answer anything else for you. Take care.