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Dr:D, Dog Veterinarian
Category: Dog
Satisfied Customers: 859
Experience:  27 years of small animal medicine and surgery experience.Licensed in Florida and Canada
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my dog has had a few ichy lumps come up now they r all over

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my dog has had a few ichy lumps come up now they r all over his body ?????
Dr:D : Hello ,Welcome to JA ,I am DrD ,I am a licensed veterinarian ,I will try to do my best to assist you with your questions today.
Dr:D : How long he has this problem ?

just today about 8 hours

Dr:D : Did he get any medications ? Or ate anything unusual ?


Dr:D : Ok
Dr:D : Are they containing any pus like material ?

the 1 on the side off his face yes the rest no

Dr:D : I will put you on hold for a second


Dr:D : Do they look like this ?

yes yes

Dr:D : How about this ?

no not like that

Dr:D : If it looks like to the first picture than it is an allergic reaction to someting
Dr:D : I do prescribe Benadryl 2-4 mg/ kg twice ot three times ( every 8 hours )
Dr:D : a day for several days
Dr:D : Remind you that your dog is also prone to the diseases called Demodicosis

k well I have bathed him in eucalyptus shampoo for dog about 6 hours ago that worked for a bit now I have put medicated body powder now he is chilling

Dr:D : It is a mite induced disease
Dr:D : also a bacterial skin infection called pyoderma.

that pic u just sent me my other dog has that but only when she is in season

Dr:D : I recommend your vet to see him although you can get over the counter Benadryl

how long will this last obviously he is heating up as he is panting or was until I put the powder on him

Dr:D : Depemds on the causing factor.
Dr:D : depends

what colour his is gum soposse to be

Dr:D : Pink is the normal colour

k just 1 more he has this on his balls will that affect him

Dr:D : You mean his fertility ?


Dr:D : No

k ty for ur time sir have a good night

Dr:D : Thank you.Good night and god luck.
Dr:D : good luck
Dr:D and other Dog Specialists are ready to help you