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Dr:D, Dog Veterinarian
Category: Dog
Satisfied Customers: 911
Experience:  27 years of small animal medicine and surgery experience.Licensed in Florida and Canada
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Have an old King Charles ,her ears are smelly and when I

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Have an old King Charles ,her ears are smelly and when I clean them one side is making a clicking noise ,
Dr:D : Hello ,Welcome to JA ,I am DrD ,I am a licensed veterinarian ,I will try to do my best to assist you with your questions today.
Dr:D : Hello
Dr:D : Did you take her to your vet already for this problem ?
Dr:D : dog's ear canal has a vertical and a horizontal component. This predisposes dogs to ear infections because debris must work its way upward rather than straight out. Accumulation of ear wax, skin oil, and other debris feed the bacteria and fungi that live in the normal ear canal and soon an infection results.
Dr:D : Looks like she has ear infection .This needs to be adressed ASAP
Customer: No have not been to the vets yet
Customer: Have been using ear cleanser
Dr:D : Ear cleansers will not help to clear the infection
Dr:D : Allergic skin disease affecting the ears is one possible cause , especially in recurring cases; other causes of ear infections include ear mites; foreign bodies such as grass awns or foxtails; or hair growth deep in the canal, which is especially common in poodles and schnauzers. The moisture of the wax promotes bacterial growth and infection. Soon wax in the ears is joined by pus.
Dr:D : Your vet may need to take sample of ear wax and stain with a special dye .Microscopic exam of the stained wax will
Customer: Is there anything I can gat for her ,
Dr:D : reveal the causing factor.
Dr:D : I am sorry but it is not recommended to get her treat at home
Customer: How much will it cost me at the vets ,
Dr:D : treatment should only be done AFTER the causing factor is identified.
Dr:D : The treatment at our hospital including exam and diagnostics , medications etc. run around 150-175 dollars
Customer: Thank you for your help ,
Dr:D : Thank you
Dr:D and 2 other Dog Specialists are ready to help you