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Hi my 12 year old cocker spaniel has skin problems she is

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Hi my 12 year old cocker spaniel has skin problems she is deaf and blind and now has severe inflamed dry eye which is hard to treat we took her to a different vet who suggested putting her to sleep,I feel she still has her stubborn personality and she is eating and having short walks and trying to keep her eyes comfortable the only thing is she is in pain when I have to clean her eyes and one off them is very swollen other than that she is coping I think with everything else her appetite is good and she still rolls over to have her belly rubbed I really am not sure what is the right thing my other vet never suggested putting her to sleep please help thank-you.What treatment would you suggest.

I am sorry to hear your Cocker has these problems. It is such a shame that a 12 or 14 year old dog is old; they should live longer. I just read that the only bad thing about a dog is that they live such a short time.
I personally would not put a dog to sleep that is still eating and enjoying her walks.
Is she getting dry eye medication, to stimulate tear production? Moisturizers like artificial tears can help. Some dry eyes are also infected, so topical eye antibiotics may be needed.
Pain medication may be helpful, such as gabapentin, tramadol, or an anti inflammatory medication. Dry eye can be painful.
Fish oil is a supplement that is good for eyes, and also may help brain aging, heart disease, and arthritis.
If she were mine, I would test and treat her for dry eye, and any other problems I found on a physical examination, and not just give up on her because she is deaf and blind and older. My dog will be 12 next year, and unless she has a fatal disease or painful condition causing suffering, loss of appetite, etc. I would not contemplate euthanasia myself.
This decision is personal, and you know her best. If you feel she still enjoys your company, her walks and her food, I personally would treat her eye condition and do anything I could to make her more comfortable.
Let me know if I can help with or answer anything else.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

If I was to put my dog on eg tramadol would this relieve her pain in her eyes what about antibiotics as she constantly has a pus charge constantly from her eyes and we do have her on all the treatments possible.

Tramadol may help, yes.
The pus may be mucus, which is commonly seen in cases of dry eye. The eye overproduces mucus to try to make up for the lack of tears being made.
Is she taking the cyclosporine eye medication, or tacrolimus? Those treat the underlying cause of dry eye best.
Topical eye antibiotics may help if there is infection in the eye. Taking antibiotics by mouth won't help treat an eye infection usually.
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi she is on cyclosporine she was only put on it a few weeks ago when I read about it online the only thing the vet gave was the meds for tear production, we have her on the cyclosporine and lumacare gel do you think this might help as she has not long been on these as I got to hear about them through other dogs suffering from the same online,is there anything more you could suggest or let this treatment work for a while to see and if it helps how long before we notice an improvement.

Usually the cyclosporine works, but you may not notice anything right away.

If in a couple of weeks there is no improvement, I would next try tacrolimus eye ointment.

I will be offline now; have to go to work! Let me know if there is anything else I can answer.

Thank you for the good rating!

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thank-you will give it a try I would have give higher rating as the answers were not much different to what I already found out thanks anyway.

You are welcome.