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Dogs, Dog Veterinarian
Category: Dog
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Experience:  I have spent many years in mixed practice, dealing with pet, working and show dogs alike.
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Morning my dog has got cough, but he chewed up a small cardboard

Customer Question

Morning my dog has got cough, but he chewed up a small cardboard packet why l was got what can l do for him thank you
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Dog
Expert:  Dogs replied 3 years ago.
Dogs : Hi there,
Dogs : Vet Andrew here. Your little chap certainly won't be the first, nor the last dog to chew things up! My first suspicion is, of course, that a piece of the cardboard is stuck somewhere in his throat. It's important to find out whether there were any foil inserts or other prickly things were attached to the packet. Also, please let me know what was originally in the packet.
Dogs : Assuming we establish there was nothing harmful inside or outside the packet, I would advise you, if he will let you, to examine his mouth and throat. Be careful here, and get someone to help steady him. If he shows any signs of distress or of trying to bite you, stop and take him to a vet.
Dogs : Start by lifting his upper lip all the way round, looking for bits trapped in the teeth. Next, put your left hand over his muzzle and gently grip behind his front canines so your right hand can grip underneath his jaw and open his mouth. He may pull back a little and move his tongue around, so watch while he does this and examine what you can see. Now let go and feel all around his throat from the outside. You are lookin
Dogs : g for swelling and pain. If you find any, it's vet time.
Dogs : My next move would be to feed him a small meal and encourage him to drink some water, possibly after a short walk, as this should dislodge any pieces of cardboard and send them on their way.
Dogs : if the cough persists, or gets worse or if at any time you feel put of your depth, you must take him to a vet. It may be there is no cardboard at all but what was there while he was chewing has scratched his throat, or there may be a more serious cause of the cough. In any case, keep in touch with either me or your own vet until he is back to his old self.
Dogs : All the best,
Dogs : Vet Andrew
Dogs :

Hi there, Vet Andrew here. How are you getting on?