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Hi, my dog has had a growth/siest on the top of his tail for

Customer Question

Hi, my dog has had a growth/siest on the top of his tail for a couple of years. It's the size of 2 peas. It hasn't got any bigger but in the last few days I think he has scratched it and it's been weeping and bleeding a little. Around the same time this started, he has been struggling to get up off his back legs. He's fine once he's up and walked about on them for a bit, it just hurts him in the mornings. Could the two be connected? Or is it old age? He's nearly 8 and is a full breed Rottweiler.
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Dog
Expert:  Dogs replied 3 years ago.
Dogs : Hi there, vet Andrew here. I should be available for the rest of the day. When you reply to this I will be notified.
JACUSTOMER-e8cymhtb- : I've been at work so now only free?
Dogs :

Yes, I'm here.

Dogs :

Is Prince entire or neutered?

JACUSTOMER-e8cymhtb- : He's not been neutered
Expert:  Dogs replied 3 years ago.
Hi, the chat function doesn't seem to be working, so I've switched to QandA. I have to attend an emergency now, but it shouldn't take long. Please let me know if Prince is neutered or not and I'll provide a response as soon as I can.
Expert:  Dogs replied 3 years ago.
Hi Vicki. I don't know if it's the Just Answer platform but I haven't received a response from you. The lump at the base of Prince's tail is most likely an adenoma, which is a benign skin tumour and highly unlikely to spread or cause the movement difficulties you describe.
The best thing to do about the lump is to remove it. Your vet should be able to do this with a simple, short operation. In the meantime, Savlon or Sudocrem will provide a good protective barrier if applied 2-3 times daily.
His back end problems could be one of two things: hip arthritis or a spinal disorder. The best way to assess the problem is with an x-ray, but if you're determined to try yourself then pop to the heatlh shop and give Prince a human dose regime of glucosamine and chondroitin sulphate. This may take several months to take effect. You may also give half a 500mg paracetamol twice daily. Never give this to cats.
If the condition does not ease he may either need veterinary-prescribed painkillers, or he may be succumbing to a disorder known as degenerative myelopathy, where the spinal cord ceases to communicate properly with the back legs. There is no cure, but you can help his mobility by slimming him down if he is overweight, and ensuring he's never taken on slippery surfaces where he can fall.
I hope this helps. It's difficult to get a full picture when the posting is one-way. Please rate my answer when you have read it and keep in touch via this thread. Regards, ***** *****
Expert:  Dogs replied 3 years ago.
Hi Vicki, I am still trying to contact you. Please let me know if you have read and understood my advice. If you have, please rate my answer if you are happy. If you have further questions, please submit them to me via this thread.
Vet Andrew